Monday, May 7, 2007

this past weekend was full of good times. i saw plenty of bands at the bamboozle festival and got to "work" for the booth. it was quite fun and i would greatly enjoy doing it again if the opportunity arose again. it is possible for it to happen for warped tour so we will have to see. i always say, "we will see" and then look back on it only to discover that those things never happened. well this one is possible so yeah...
i saw many bands that i enjoyed greatly, saturday was packed full of them, and sunday was more of a day of discovering. i discovered three bands that i am very happy to have discovered. the matches, who i also met and love; four stories, who i do not know a lot about yet; and dear hunter, which i am currently listening to.
since the weekend not much has been going on, though i have had a few days off because of renovations at my job. it am looking forward to them although i did loose some hours this week. i'll live.
so this is a short entry of sorts just to ehh, update.
other notes:
spider-man 3 was amazing and i don't care what others think.
my cousin rebecca is awesome.
the matches are again, amazing.