Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quick Borderlands Preview

Yesterday I picked up the game I've been more excited for then any this year, Borderlands. I first got wind of the game when PC Gamer had it featured on the cover of one of their issues. I hadn't heard anything about this game up until the point, but what I read got me excited. An FPS/RPG hyrbid? That sounds like a match made in heaven, especially for me. Two of my favorite gaming genres in one? I was sold.

As soon as I got home I got an hour or so to play the game and got a little bit more time after a haircut I had later that night. Thus far, I'm in the middle of level 6. I'm not too far into the game, but I'm loving it already. I opening credits alone made me fall in love.

It plays like a movie. I'm typically one to press start, B, X, whatever as many times as possibly to get through any sort of cut scene or cinematic because I just want to play, but this...I just sat and watched, enjoyed and got even more excited to play. Once I got into playing, the art style and music alone makes me love the game. Some of the music and the general atmosphere and setting of the game reminds me a bit of Firefly and I loved the music from Firefly.

The game play thus far is great. I'm still adjusting to playing an FPS on a gamepad and part of me wishes I would have purchased this for PC, but that would have meant I wouldn't be able to play co-op with friends. I decided when I started to play through the SP a bit just to get a hang of it. Six levels in and I've already found a few green and blue items (hello, WoW!). I haven't even tried co-op at this point, so I don't really have anything to report on in that end. I hope to get a decent play through on SP as well as get some co-op experience and then write out a full review.

I'm barely into the game and I can already tell that this just might be my game of the year.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Adventures in Babeland - Weekly Gaming Girl Diary: October 20, 2009

The past week or so has been relatively boring in relation to gaming. I was busy taking care of my sick girlfriend and didn't get the chance to play many games. The games I did play, however, were World of Warcraft, Company of Heroes and League of Legends. First and foremost, lets start with some WoW chat.

As I stated last week, I finally got into Wrath of the Lich King content. I'm finally in Northrend and working my way through Borean Tundra. So far the zone has been a bit difficult to navigate, mostly due to the fact that it's brand new, but as of yesterday I got the hang of it a little bit. The thing I enjoy the most about all this new content are exploring the new worlds and fighting new mobs. Most of the old world and even BC content I've done before with my first main. It's fun and enjoyable, but it's the same old, same old. Being in Northrend is fresh and new and definitely enjoyable. Getting into new zones definitely sparks up my desire to play WoW more so then when I was working up to 60 on my current main. I always like seeing what Blizzard comes up with. Quite honestly, the level of creative and intelligence that is put into WoW by Blizzard never ceases to amaze me. World of Warcraft will probably go down in history as my favorite game of all time and Blizzard will easily go down as my favorite gaming company of all time. I'm currently at level 69, about half way through inching closer and closer to 70...a place I've never been before (hell, everything up to this point is somewhere I haven't been yet). I'm excited for 70 and I'm excited to finally have a mere 10 levels to go before I reach the end...hopefully I'll get there before Cataclysm is released.

This weekend I also worked through the tutorial of Company of Heroes. I picked this game up a few weeks ago from Direct2Drive when they had it on sale for $5. It's been a while since I've gotten into an RTS, so getting back into this has been a bit difficult. The tutorial was nice, quite honestly one of the best I've experienced (I typically skip them, but it was a bit necessary for CoH). Once I worked through the tutorial I started up a campaign, but didn't get too far into it as it wasn't quite drawing me in at that moment in time. I hope to get into this a bit more in the future, but for now it might have to wait on the back burner.

I was also lucky enough to receive a League of Legends beta key recently. I honestly have little to no knowledge of League of Legends or what it's about other then what I've heard Ryan Scott on The Geekbox. He seemed to love the game, so I thought I might as well give it a try. I mean, it's in beta and it's free, why not? I played a teeny tiny bit of the game this weekend, but not enough to give any sort of honest review or opinion of it. Once again, hopefully getting more into this in the future.

The last thing I want to touch on in this post is my current urge to play a certain video game...Fallout 3. I started FO3, LOVED it and never finished it. This is my typical routine with most video games. Lately, I've really felt like I wanted to get back into it, but haven't actually started yet. I think the couple things that turned me off from FO3 was all the freakin' walking and some of the attacking mechanics. I always felt like even though my aim was on point at enemies, I always missed and this annoyed me. I suppose this is just something I need to overcome and hopefully in the new couple weeks I'll get back into this game and possibly finally beat it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

WAIP: October 19, 2009 - So Metal Edition

This past week was not exactly full of game playing but the stuff that I got in was quality gaming time. I finally popped the Tour of Duty II achievement in Battlefield 1943 and as a result I had really become quite good at the game. I had all but 8 of the 48 awards that you can get in the game so I really feel quite accomplished. I may play the game again closer to the BF: Bad Company 2 release but for now I feel like I can move on.

I was able to pick up Brütal Legend on Friday so I have been dipping my toes into the warm feeling of metal and rock and it feels great. The story, characters, gameplay, and humor are all amazing and I am having a lot of fun. I am determined to beat it throughout the week but that may or may not happen based on my work schedule.

I want to beat the game so that I can play Borderlands co-op with all of my friends. I am basically on board with this game because everyone around me wants to play it. I still have not really looked into the game and I am looking forward to being taken aback by Gearbox's most recent work.