Friday, September 7, 2007

New Blog Struggles

Yes, this is only my second "real" update, though I did promise a set schedule. Time has not been friendly to me lately and I have been working like a dog (though not on the blog). For the time being at least, until I get a handle on it, you can assume this blog will be updated once weekly. I am also still debating whether I will start doing individual posts on specific “larger ticket” items. I suppose I should not worry about my lack of updating at the moment though for I do not think I have many readers. Well on with the news.

In news that will break little hearts, but may break those of the hardcore, DevelopMag, has reported that there will be no Crackdown sequel despite the games success. The developer said that Microsoft took too long to say anything about a sequel, if they said anything at all. The developer is now working on a new project. Personally I would have been happy with a sequel to Crackdown because I enjoyed the game a great deal. Unfortunately I have not been able to play the game since the new content and achievements have come out but on a free day that I am not playing one of the many games that I need to catch up on, I may just play.

On Labor Day, here in the US, the Hidden Fronts Map Pack finally went free (everywhere of course). It really was a good marketing strategy for them to wait this long because basically all Gears of War gets now is one last punch before Halo 3 ships and KO’s the aforementioned GOW.

In Rapture there may be new Plasmids coming though, if I do not get teleportation, I doubt if I will really care or if it will make much of an impact (not that any BioShock news does not create waves). In other BioShock news the title update that got me exited when I booted up the game the other day does not much other than improve the stability of saved games. I am on my second run through of the game where I toned it down from hard (just to have fun and feel powerful) and have taken to harvesting Little Sisters this time through. I have died few times and I am greatly enjoying myself once again. I am enjoying looking at the plot from a new angle the most though.

The imminence of the perfect storm that is Halo 3 is beginning to reach its climax. Halo 3 is going to be available to play this Thursday night on IMAX as reported by the Microsoft GamerScoreBlog. Check Pontiac (as they are the sponsor) for more details). As soon as I found this out I signed myself up. I plan on showing up at least two hours early for that. In previously rumored news that was confirmed to be true, Master Chief a.k.a. Spartan 117 a.k.a. John was "unveiled," in a large event that took place on Monday, at Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas. It was said that it would probably tour the various locations so if, and when, it comes to New York, and you can count on the picture.

Another event I should be attended is the Rock Band tour. It comes to New York at the beginning of November and I will be there rocking out on guitar (the only thing I feel confident enough to try). I am stoked to start my own online band (no real band for me) or be a part of one. I need to at least master Guitar Hero II on Hard Mode first.

Speaking of the impossible (I’m not that good at GH2) a Shivering Isles standalone disc is being released alongside the GOTY edition. I still have not played Shivering Isles. Oblivion is quickly one of those many games that I have been struggling to finish.

It is not always sunny on the Xbox 360 however. It has recently been reported by that there is STILL no good news for the 360 in Japan. Dismal sales continue to plague the console in the Far East. The boys over at the X3F podcast wonder if the 360 will take a page out of the original Xbox’s playbook and just stop making games for the Japanese market. I find myself worried and wondering about the same thing.

Lastly, many people I know who own the Wii console are finding that their “gimmick” is wearing out and Nintendo is worried about “gamers” becoming complacent (via Joystiq). LAIR continues to be plagued by bad press while Sony fights the good, though failing, fight for its lost triple-A title. They went so far as to send a reviewers guide out many major sites (via IGN). I think now what Sony needs to worry about is their delay to Stranglehold and The Orange Box. A collector’s edition of Stranglehold does not do you much good if you cannot play it when your proverbial rivals can.

It was an interesting few days since my last update and as the holiday season approaches it will only get more weird and a lot more crazy.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Midnight Update Meets "Deadline"

My wallet suffers from this addiction I have. I have no money and all of it that I do have is invested in GameStop's stock. I am a Gamer. I just "recovered" some of my money from actually receiving BioShock but now all of my loose change is being pooled into my Legendary edition of Halo 3. I'd also like to pick up a new 360 with that pretty "useless" HDMI port. Can I have it painted green and gold like Halo 3? Not to mention that I need that chat pad and the HDMI audio adapter that does not come with the "poor-man's" 360. Over five-hundred hundred dollars in a few short weeks. I work for Starbucks not Microsoft. I'll be selling my old 360 so that will pay for half of it hopefully.

This holiday season is a bank breaker, more than just Halo 2, and I have an already broken bank account. Mass Effect, one of the games to own this holiday, now has a release date of November 20th and Bioware has always impressed me. When Jade Empire came out I was all about it though I never properly finished the game. Mass Effect might have to wait for me but I should be playing it sometime in the top half of next year. Another game I might eventually pick up again will be Small Arms but it might have to take a trip to my phone (one of the two I own). Team Xbox reported that it will be hitting various cell phone carriers this fall. Also on Team Xbox the new Simpsons game parodying Medal of Honor was posted. I fully enjoyed the trailer and I feel like the game will be everything that a good Simpsons game should be. When my bank account recovers I'll be pre-ordering next years blockbusters.

A sure fire blockbuster of next year will be Halo Wars whose high definition, ten minute, game trailer is on XBLM. I recall that when this was announced at last years E3 I was stoked but, though it could be the pre-Halo 3 lull (could it hardly be called a lull), I do not feel as excited as I feel I should be. Let this be known now, in Halo's heyday, I was the biggest fanboy I knew. Now, after Gears of War, I was not sure where I stood with the whole series (Halo). Then I played the beta. 'Nuff said. Still, I am not sure I want to play the proverbial "God" in the Halo Universe. Blockbuster? It is possible but it will be a tough call for me.

As the present is concerned I feel that Blue Dragon will erased from blockbuster status by Bioshock. Will I be right, only time will tell. Will TimeShift be erased by Halo 3? Maybe the news of a demo will alleviate that, though not for myself. I find myself playing less demos and instead following the hype machine and discovering sleeper hits that have since past their heyday. Speaking of "heyday", I am exited for Viva Pinata to come to DS. The only other game I am exited about, for DS, is Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

In gaming politics Jack Thompson is causing quite the ruckus about Manhunt 2 having its rating changed from AO to M. He proceeded to send several immature emails back and forth with the community manager of Manhunt. I got a laugh out of it.

That is all I have for you today. Until next time, keep gaming.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My BioShock Experience

I began my trek through the world of Rapture last Tuesday morning. After picking up my limited edition the first thing GameStop opened, I rode the subway home taking pictures of the best limited edition I have laid eyes on (see previous post). When I finally crossed the threshold of my apartment I played for about 5-6 hours. I was decimated by Big Daddies galore and still kept coming back for more. I was part of Rapture and I needed to know all of its secrets. And Oh... what secrets were in store for me...

I continued to play during the week on and off, but still getting as much as I could in.

It came down to yesterday when I sat myself down determined to beat the game (day off). I made it to a point where I was sure I was at the end, but alas, I was not even close... I was at least 5 hours from the games climactic finish. I played for seven hours and had to stop. I later played for another half hour (much to my girlfriend's dismay).

But today was the day that the ending was in my grasp. It was cheesy but awesome and all in all this was one of the best games I have ever played. I really mean that when I say it, because although I consider myself a hardcore gamer, I can say, with all honesty, I do not know what I'll feel like playing tomorrow. I will definitely be giving it another run through but I need to give my brain a rest.

Lastly, if I had to give the game a review I would give it a 9.6. The loss of .4 comes from the ease of the respawn and the slightly cheesy ending.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

big daddy comes home.

big daddy wants out of his packaging.

riding shotgun next to the subway window.

up close and personal.

even big daddies are made in china.

would you like some drill with that ouch?

lastly mr. bubbles says goodnight, because i promise you, it hurts.

check out bioshock, in stores now.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

my raging obsession.

i have an obsession with commercialism. this something that few know about me or at least i only perceive it as the few. my latest obsession is with the ongoing simpsons movie campaign that is everywhere. today i had burger king and felt even better about it than i normally do because the simpsons were plastered everywhere. this was much like my visit to a 7-eleven that was modeled like a quik-e-mart.

the current, or future, campaign that i am going to be obsessed with is the mass halo 3 coverage that will be everywhere. it will be in my 7-eleven, my burger king, mountain dew, etc. i have even considered purchasing a halo 3 xbox 360. i am exited and tantalized at every prospect. i want to pick up the halo 3 zune.

now the big thing here i am pointing out is i am a media whore and those ads that everyone ignores. those apply to me. i love em, well most of the time. most people get sick of it and say what is the point. people know about the simpsons and halo, why do i need it shoved in my face. i say because it is directed at people like me who will gobble it all up and buy it all. i love it through and through and i welcome more of it. bring it on baby.

Friday, August 10, 2007

i am in for an enjoyable weekend of closing both days at work. i do not think i will be gaming much this weekend but that is alright i suppose... only time can tell i guess. i have been working hardcore on gears of war and not much else. i have been neglecting most of my other games though i really do want to play some others but i am determined to have most gears achievements before bioshock and halo 3 come out. the others i really want to play are prey (easy achievements and i never finished the story line). crackdown (new achievements). the darkness (i got discouraged when i went to the hard difficulty level and couldn't make it past the first level, and i am also waiting for the multiplayer fix). i am about as behind in gaming as i am in reading. i am reading currently, 'ladies and gentleman the bronx is burning.' and on my list to read is daywatch, harry potter, jonen vasquez graphic novels, the lovely bones, twilight watch, etc.

this has been an eventful year for me other than for music. music has come out this year but i don't feel overwhelmed by it as i did last year.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Halo 3 Media Onslaught

Halo 3 in your car, on your music device, in your soda, your Slurpee, and at your local Burger King. Master Chief burger anyone? Seriously is this getting ridiculous or what? Still though, it won't stop me from getting my mitts all over everything.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

superbad review?

when the minds of judd apatow and seth rogen come together you can only ever expect to leave the theater with cramps in your sides. while the laughs were not as numerous as in knocked up they were louder. it was comparable to when i saw the simpsons movie... the laughs were so loud, at times you could not even hear the dialogue. the movie was clever, witty, cute, but most of the time it was downright raunchy. it was a good time and i would recommend that when it hits theaters that everyone see it. i'll probably see it a second time.

maybe i'll review the everytime i die album next... who knows i don't know if i will pass judgement on it just yet. but i do like it... alot.

Monday, July 30, 2007

alien hominid hd

this is a great little game on xbox live arcade and it can be very hard. those things aside, most will still want to play the game because of it's stylishness and beautiful hand drawn everything.

so i bring this game up even though i have had it forever because they recently patched it to fix the last 'glitched achievement'. the achievement that was messed up was the one where you had to collect all the hats in the game. i am down to the last three. two i know how to get and the last one i am not even sure because i do not know which one it is that i am missing. i have attempted to browse the forums and old walkthroughs for the game but i have had no luck. i'll update everyone when i have it which should be no later than tomorrow. hopefully.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

this past weekend...

this weekend was something i was looking forward to for the past few weeks. it lived up to my expectations and exceeded them.

friday cindy and i woke up to catch the chinatown bus to maryland. it sucked at first because when we got on the bus it wasn't running so there was no ac. it soon cooled down after we got going but i was parched the entire trip because of a lack of water or anything else to drink. when we arrived it was incredibly hott. yes, that hot. we found whit and rick and headed to 7-eleven to get something to drink and then headed to whit's. kara got home and we all hung out going to the supermarket and best buy. that night we saw the simpson's movie and it was really amazing.

yesterday was great... i ate far too much and then drank far too much. i ate chipotle and some intense nachos. then it took me three beers to actually get buzzed (food soaks up alcohol). i got the new every time i die leak which is amazing... i am listening to it now. i made really good drunk friends with kara's girlfriend last night... drunk dancing doesn't really work. i also talked to matt and i do not really know what he even thought of that.

alright i am going to enjoy my last few hours in maryland... peace.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

sh*t happens.

i've started my training to become a shift supervisor and so far it has just been a bunch of reading of general things that i mostly knew. i was really bored today because of it even though i was only there for four hours. but that is really all there is to say about that.

so for the past week or so i have been on a real gears of war kick and it has been really insane. i have picked up some achievements in the game, some new and some old which is always fun. i am only expecting the new ones and i have also picked up two old which was a nice present. and that is it for that.

now for the icing on the cake. even though i do not live with family anymore i still get to hear about all the loveliness that goes on there. the newest, amazing, bit of information is that my brother has been arrested. arrested no less for beating the living shit out of someone. This reflects so well on me. Honestly, I just do not understand what I did right because for all intents and purposes my siblings and I are the ones who reflect to most poorly on my grandparents. I am so thrilled about this, but I am still happy that I am enjoying my life.

I have a beautiful girl who I plan on spending my life with. I have an amazing best friend. I have a new gay lover (lol, you know who you are). I have an arguably healthy hobby and I have a job that I love (it will let me go places, and it will make me the money I need to do what I need right now).

I love you all and I will speak with y'all later.

Sunday, July 8, 2007


last night was a good time, cindy and i actually drank and we were both very tipsy.

harry, cindy, valerie, and i went to the barcade and proceeded to drink a lot and at least harry and i played some games. it was tons o' fun and there is not much more to say about it other than hilarity ensuing.

there was drunk dialing, touching and lots of laughs. thank you everyone.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

buy teh haloz.

i always manage to create my blog entries at the most random times and they usually fall into the late hours of a day. tonight, for instance, i was working the closing shift until 11.30p which means that i do not get home for another hour. so being that i am home now: cindy is asleep and i need my wind-down time. i have to close again tomorrow night so... yeah.

other than that i have not really been up to all that much. i have been playing the normal amount of games if not a little bit more. i picked up lego star wars 2 for twenty bucks so the game and its achievements should keep me amused at least for a bit. i really have my heart set out on picking up the darkness but i do not think i will get to do that for at least another week. yesterday and today i was also playing a bit of gears and i enjoyed that quite a bit. i need to catch up with the rest of the community with that one. i should get to that before halo 3 drops. that will come a lot sooner than later.

but back to the world of the real...
i am on a program to promoted starting the week of the ninth so i am exited and nervous about that at the same time.

i think i am going to play a couple of games of uno on live and then collapse into sleep for a while.

Friday, June 15, 2007

hostel part II

after seeing hostel part II, as it is so cunningly titled, i am left
with the feeling of wanting to perpetually vomit. no, not the gore but
the deathly real way in which this part was presented just leaves the
stomach boiling in a very unpleasant way.

it was funny when the two girls "just couldn't take it anymore" and had
to leave the theater. eli roth is a genius of this variety and while
part I made me wonder, part II made me shiver with unpleasantries. bravo
sir your movie is a hit.

my obsession.

i have really just stood back and realized how much of my internet surfing is based around video games. from internet comics to all the latest game information, it is just nuts and that isn't to even mention my podcasts that i listen to. this isn't really a coordinated entry, just something is was observing.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Trials and Tribulations of My Job

i am beginning to find out where my alliances lie at my job. i am on the wrong side of the tracks heading for a big collision and i do not really want to be there to find out the outcome. my manager (whom i originally got along amazingly with) is now making me feel alienated (and i am not sure if it is her intention). i have always had complaints about the politics of working for starbucks but this is reaching a new plateau. i feel as though i am on the verge of panic attacks and it used to be that i just got upset and was able to push it aside. i am feeling pretty helpless because my aforementioned manager basically brushed aside my worries and attributed them to occasions that always take place. she told me there was nothing i could do and left my head swimming. i cannot honestly say how much of an issue it was though because the person i was complaining about was her...umm..."pet". well, if what i heard was true, there will be a good many people leaving my job and she will be one of those.

now i am to be promoted when my manager returns from her vacation and i am eager to see the outcome of what are likely to be another set of politics, rules and regulations (according to her).

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

i am stuck contemplating how much of a disappointment i may or may not be to my parents. my parents and i obviously fall on different belief systems and have different definitions of what merits a meaningful existence. for all intents and purposes i think that they believe that i could do better with my life and they would rather i did that sooner rather than later. i believe and always have believed, even if it was in a roundabout way, that if you are not enjoying what you are doing then there is no good reason to continue doing it. as i mentioned before, though they have accepted it to the best of their ability, they are not ecstatic with all of my personal choices (or any of them). but coming around to why i found myself contemplating this is that my brother andy has been cutting school every single day. he is going to repeat the ninth grade and if history repeats itself then he will drop out, as ben did. but i found myself wondering if i was just the cause of it all because i decided that college was not for me at the moment anymore. should i be more distraught with myself? have i really done something so wrong? does everyone look down at me with judgment and disdain? i know a few who might but i think those who want me to be who i am do not.

Friday, June 1, 2007

there's a huge sense of entitlement that permeates our entire culture. the issue of our economic and sociological narcissistic indulgence begs a much larger question: How happy are we as a society? We should be happier now than we were during, say, the '50's (when the hell did they invent toilet paper? How bummed would you be if you had to wipe your ass with your hands? Super-Bummed). But we are one the of unhappiest civilizations in history. we may have more neuroses, depression and anxiety. we're bombarded with so many images, ideas and noise that we becomes desensitized to anything and everything. everything we want is immediately available to us, but nothing that we want is what we need.

~gabe saporta.

i think this is the best pessimism i have read in a while, but hey everyone hates this guy and i love him.

Monday, May 7, 2007

this past weekend was full of good times. i saw plenty of bands at the bamboozle festival and got to "work" for the booth. it was quite fun and i would greatly enjoy doing it again if the opportunity arose again. it is possible for it to happen for warped tour so we will have to see. i always say, "we will see" and then look back on it only to discover that those things never happened. well this one is possible so yeah...
i saw many bands that i enjoyed greatly, saturday was packed full of them, and sunday was more of a day of discovering. i discovered three bands that i am very happy to have discovered. the matches, who i also met and love; four stories, who i do not know a lot about yet; and dear hunter, which i am currently listening to.
since the weekend not much has been going on, though i have had a few days off because of renovations at my job. it am looking forward to them although i did loose some hours this week. i'll live.
so this is a short entry of sorts just to ehh, update.
other notes:
spider-man 3 was amazing and i don't care what others think.
my cousin rebecca is awesome.
the matches are again, amazing.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

the need to get back on track.

i am thinking about how well i used to be able to write or how well i used to think i could write. now though, the only practice i get is silly blogging. i look at what i write and find that it is so stagnant, stuttered and just generally bad. i want to return to the flow and style that i had. i did force a style on myself but i just have never known how to find my own niche. this is the hundreth time i have written or spoken about this and after the rant i always tell myself that i am going to write more often. what spurred it this time is that i want to write for a gaming website or a public gaming blog. i want to share my passions with people but i can never just find a way. this was the first time that i actually contacted someone about it and although i have not received any response yet i feel that as long as i keep putting myself out there i will get the response that i am looking for. i am not even looking to be paid for it but i want the day to day experience. i will get it as long as i want it. i love gaming too much to not get a response.

honestly, at this point, i am getting quite sick.

my yankees are doing quite awful and i cannot even bring myself to watch them right now because i want to cry. i guess this is the curse one gets stuck with liking a normally winning dynasty. i watched andy pettite pitch tonight until he looked like he was about ready to cry. he fell apart in the 5th inning and i don't even know how the game turned out. i think i need to start playing mlb 2k7 just so i can have them win. dear yankees it is now okay for you guys to start winning.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

after birthday experiences.

so things have been on a roller coaster lately. i have only one particularly low low but other than that it has been a fun ride. so, the day after my birthday was filled with foodshopping, seeing brand new, missing manchester orchestra :'-(, asking andy hull to play our wedding, him saying almost definitely, seeing geoff rickley, and being the only guy hanging out. yesterday was alright aside from the one majoe hiccup. a girl i work with had me so ticked off that i saw red and that is the only thing that needs to be said about that. i still have my job and everything and everything is in the process of being worked out. today was good and i saw cindy for lunch, i got my new slvr and i am on my way to pick her up. this is more of just an update than any new thoughts or intuition. sorry for my drab life? comments are open so leave them i like to know i'm loved.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

birthday unsurprize.

if am going to attempt to sleep i am going to need to dump my crap here before i do so. there are currently fifteen minutes left in my 22nd birthday and aside from these last few hours it shaped up to be another good one.
first though: the most overused question on one's birthday: how does it feel to be (insert age here)?
do people, including parents ask this because there is nothing better to ask or do they expect a new an inspired response that will seemingly blow them in to the next galaxy? no, i think not.
second: i meant to post this on my twitter but the most overused substance is not what one would consider a drug, it is, DUM DUM DUM: splenda.

so my birthday consisted of coming home from work last night at the very late hour of midnight only to be in a tiff with cindy who was actually asleep at the time (mind you this was all my fault so oh well). after i ended up waking her up she gave me some surprise birthday presents that are two complete graphic novels of jonen vasquez (invader zim). after seven hours of sleep we awoke and hung around till i went to work for a few hours. yes, i did indeed work on my birthday. after getting off of work cindy and i enjoyed a meal at cosi and went to see hot fuzz, but not before retrieving my forgotten comic at my job. the movie was great but what followed is the reason i suppose for this entry.

we were in virgin megastores only to browse some cds, video games, whatever. the ever controversial subject of my parents came up and bam!, i have not since spoken more than a few sentences and choice words to her since. i am currently sitting on this lovely hardwood floor typing as lightly as i can while cindy is what i am assume is attempting to snooze. from what i actually piece together from nothing is that i had no choice in this silence i just chose to actually go with it. i can not even be angry because i do not know how or do not want to know how to be angry about nothing.

living forever in spite is only for the truly wise or the truly stupid.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

nostalgia or something else?

last night i spent my evening with harry, kim and cindy. we saw the aqua teens movie and slept over. it was an incredibly good time and the movie was as funny as it was random. see it if you like the show, simple as that. the part of my morning that had me wanting to write this entry was after the pancakes we had for breakfast. breakfast was a good enough time that involved arguments over butter and who made better pancakes. naturally: the champion of all pancakes, me, won. so back to when i felt weird... i was putting my cell, sidekick, wallet and keys back into my pockets and i just stumbled on the thought process of feeling as though i were someone in a band on tour. i felt as if i were a guest but in a place where i slept for almost two months. it was interesting enough and i can definitely attest to the fact that i had no idea why i was feeling like that. but for now as usual everything is all good and cindy and i are on our way back to the apartment to shower up and such in case we feel like heading out to the city to hang around with the gang some more.
okay, so this entry feels a little scattered but it is just a recap of good night melted into a good day. and yes as usual i am feeling a little nostalgic and a little sad but it is an oxymoronic happy sad.

Saturday, April 7, 2007


as time has been passing by lately i have been using twitter to update what i have been up to. still though, there is something you can not get with micro-blogging: "true emotion," and a real feel of that persons personality. i do recommend twitter for just a generally habitual way of keeping your life updated to the outside world. it even has an option to remind you if you haven't updated in 24 hours.

i always imagine that my blogs should touch someone on some other level where they found my life truly interesting. i think that when i do update i tend to either drab it down or not update at all for lack of the idea striking me. should i be happy that i am not so strapped to my blogs? i always notice that i am not as hell bent on using my sidekick for everything with my female counterpart on the other side of me typing furiously as though she had no idea on how to do anything else other than use this silly device. but i do digress that if this device had any bit of the funtionality, for me, that my xbox does then hell would have already frozen over.

i recently, as by the way of today, read about the possibility of a zune cell phone type device that could update all its songs and such via wi-fi. maybe this option will be more viable for me than the iphone.

as my dear love sits next to me, still furiously typing i am thinking of how nice it will be to just lie in bed with her for the whole of tomorrow for the first time since we have been living with each other.

i love you cindy and i am thankful and grateful for every moment i get to spend with you.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

big dreams and playing make believe.

i have been reading a book called the secret, you may have heard of it. it is a really interesting and helpful read and i honestly believe its advice is meaningful, helpful, and most of all, real. i picked it up and wanted to write it off as some sort of cult but was intrigued enough by it so i bought it. so far it has been nothing but a help and given a more positive aspect of everything and has also given me the motivation by making me keep myself positive. as soon as i have found myself getting upset about something or even bored i modify my thinking in order to keep myself attracting positive things. now this could or could not make me sound like an absolute nut but i highly recommend it to anyone who feels like their soul needs a pick-me-up.
i am now going to begin working on what i hope will become a bigger project that i can even imagine at this point. it is going to be my gaming community within a gaming community. it will have clan based purposes for gears of war and halo and such and it will also be a place within the xbox community to create a more personable community and make it even more fun for gamers to meet other gamers. i am dreaming big and as long as i keep dreaming this way i can only go up. maybe a comic for the community, a forum of course, but most of all just for there to be people on your friends list that you always feel like playing with. i'll call it "P4PER M4N" because the idea i was stricken with was just to hand out flyers with this name on it to expand my gaming community.

Friday, March 30, 2007


so i picked up the kitty today and the whole experience has been fun. some sarcasm noted. the cat is awesome and loves attention and if you are near it, it doesn't specifically need attention but likes to be near you. the sarcasm i was hinting at was the train ride home where the kitty did not want to be in that box and kept meowing. i felt so bad. i decided to try and introduce the cat and the dog but after figuring out quickly that it wasn't a good idea i checked out some stuff online only to discover that they needed to be introduced slowly. apparently they need to get used to each other by smell first. it makes sense.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


this is a good song to randomly have in your head at work.

probably my second favorite of their songs.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

a nice longg day.

long needed two g's, trust me. i worked almost twelve hours and i wasn't
supposed to. yeah what the fuck i'm a whiner. haha and i have to open
tomorrow; i love running myself ragged at both ends.

the black donnellys was amazing last night as usual but last night was
the best since the second episode. they really know how to work a lot of
magic with that show. it plays like my favorite movies do and i can
watch the episodes two and three times and love them just as much.
again if you haven't checked it out yet do that mondays @ ten.

so i talked more about a show than how exhausted i am. goodnight

Sunday, March 25, 2007

retrospective conversations.

def. - those conversations in which are hard to come by or incredibly
thought provoking.

i do not think there has been a shift that i have ever worked where it
never felt like i was working for a second. thoughts were equally on
comics and all propoganda related and tipped towards musical
inclinations. we talked about batman, texas is the reason, invader zim,
and the movielife.

my bone tattoo went over well.

on another topic i have been playing something other than crackdown for
the past day. alien hominid hd which is awesome in its every aspect.
this is a highly reccomended game to those who only even have a pc. it
was originally a flash based game (and rightfully still is) from the
fine people who run anyway check it out.

and now i am finally on the train and kudos to that because the
originally inspiring guitar strumming was beginning to drill into my

Thursday, March 22, 2007

who knows?

so i am up @ 6 in the morning headed to work. the dillema isnlt being
up at six in the morning. the problem here is that i remember on the
schedule that i am working in the am from 7.30 to 11.30, but my sidekick
says differently. what does it say? i have work in the pm. now i
already called but as i know, there are only two people there and no one
really answers the phone there anyway. worst thing is i don't have work
until tonight, which is probably not the case. i am betting that i just
entered it wrong into my sidekick considering it was my first time doing
so and i was doing it on a grand two week scale. all things considered
though, i am tired and i do wish that i could have stayed in bed. now i
am thinking of something though that could possibly lead me to believe
that i am working tonight: i remember thinking that it would suck to get
home @ 11.30 @ night because cindy would already be asleep. wtf. i think
too much but now i am kind of convinced. well i'll let you know if this
AM rant which apparently lasts longer than a normal rant was worth it or
not. i would so prefer the former because i am already almost there.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

i'm being harassed.

at the current moment i am being harassed by cindy with pictures of "i'm in ur..." various pictures. do it just go to google images and type in, "i'm in ur and witness the horror of cute kitties stealing your internet.

on that note life as usual has been continuing on at a normal clip. i have been playing massive amounts of crackdown to which i completed the main campaign part of the game. at the moment i am just trying to max out my achievements in the game so i can finally get back to playing some more gears of war.

i assembled some furniture for mike and cin's mom today. that was tedious but it was alright despite my massive headache that a red bull could not cure. surprisingly the water and a shower did though.

gotta go take out the recycling and attempt to get some gaming in before south park comes on (not gonna happen).

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

new sbux.

so i have finished my second day at my new starbucks and i don't think i
could be any more complacent with my feelings about the place. the
partners are cool; few minor annoyances aside (which tends to always be
the case), the customers are pretty much alright (again with the minor
annoyances that can mess up your flow), we have a celebrity regular who
is extrodinarily nice (i was told that she was a regular: julia stiles),
and all and all the store is beginning to feel like home.

other than sbux i got my xbox back which i am extrodinarily happy
about. i played crackdown last which was f'ing awesome (a highly
under-rated game).

anyway i am on the train on the way home and i am actually quite tired.

nate out.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

cabin fever.

the only time that you want to leave your apartment is the only time that you absolutely must stay in. i am currently waiting for both my xbox and cindy's new phone. fun fun times. i cannot wait for my xbox because i have gone so long without it. i am going to bring cindy her phone when it comes and while i am out i am going to buy a copy of crackdown. i am waiting in the kitchen and i think i am going to play WoW (world of warcraft), which consequentially i have been meaning to do all day. i have also meant to clean up but have not done so because god forbid i miss that buzzer or cannot get to it in time because i am elbow deep in filth. you should have seen me take a shower. shortest one ever, ear hanging out just in case. what am i going to do, run down to the lobby in a towel, probably. both of these companies (ups, fedex) came by this time yesterday so i am just waiting on inevitable 5 o'clock delivery time. pray for me that these bringers of gifts come soon.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

good night.

last night was awesome as it should have been. it was i am the
avalanche so it was business as usual. the sleeping was amazing
although i just had no energy. i have been lacking in the energy
department lately. i did get vin's sn though, sorta my crowning
achievment. fun.

Friday, March 2, 2007

lately i haven't really had the opportunity to do anything computer related but it is alright because this next upcoming week i my last in long island. i will then officially be a resident of brooklyn.

i am currently sitting in the kitchen of said brooklyn apartment and i just got finished checking a long list of email, rss feeds, and making what seems to be a "new" myspace account. i have to move a bunch of boxes from the "currently full of boxes" living room into the only empty room of the place (at least for the time being).

people, check out:



Wednesday, February 7, 2007

is it possible that things are getting better (knock on wood0

let's not get me wrong here i am am not what one would call a pessimistic person. on the contrary, i am quite the ever-loving optimist. the is true to the "t" in pessimist seeing as i had to spell check the word. there is no need to beat around the bush on this one. finally, after all is said and done, i will be living with my soon to be wife. days have been filled with work and nights with cartoons and video game desires. whenever i write in a blog i never know what to put there because it is usually that i have nothing left to vent because i have usually done so with a human being. i suppose i am one that takes a more conventional methodology to things. i do not know how i would rely on internet advice. these entries are never made with the intention of any response or solution to those problems that truly end of worthy of a blog entry. i suppose if i were deaf or mute, with no offense intended to either party, i would look at this ability to type as a blessing. the only useful purpose for this keyboard it for writing, that of which i scarcely do. shed a tear for my apparent lack of motivation. i suppose that i do use these keys to engage in real-time internet chats with my all-to-scene bad self. go figure that one out. but yet again, i digress, that i use my ultra-hip mobile device for that also (albeit rarely also). am i too disconnected from others? no though i hardly use my cell phone other than to speak with the best friend or wife. and when i move in with her...who knows. prepaid here i come. i am way too techno-saavy to let myself not own the most recent hot device. two year service plans here we go! let's put this entry in perspective: my xbox is in the shop, so to speak; i have pissed cindy off; the entry is due. i better go before i don't find something better to do with my time.

Friday, January 12, 2007

simple words and long stories

i always hope to be writing something because it is the only true thing that i can imagine that i will continue doing for as long as possible. this can be looked at a yearly wrap-up or a post in a blog that won't receive more than five posts. i haven't been able to keep up with one or been able to keep writing for a long enough period of time to satisfy my nostalgia. livejournal, hiplog, .mac, all done, deleted or just abandoned. i feel as though i have all of the greatest hopes for my writing but i am left with nothing to write about. there is no passion in anything that i write. but i have an idea...a potentially abandoned one already, but it is an idea nonetheless. i want to finally write about all of my insecurities, all of my life experiences, my real dreams and my constant potential to fuck up anything good that i have. i haven't decided how exactly to go about that but i just hope it flows instead of feeling forced but like everything else...ahh i don't know. today isn't just a day of motivation, it's crap. my life is so up in the air. i am really sick of having no control of myself and there is probably so much more i can be doing for myself. i work at starbucks and i know that i want to advance in the company and i know that i will. that is not enough for me. i am going to live with my girlfriend and eventually have her be my wife. i living at my best friend's parents expense right now and then i will be living at my girlfriend's expense because right now my job pays shit. sometimes i think i would be happier alone and at no one's expense. this is a constant problem with my mental state. and today i got sick of everything. i got sick of reading, i got sick of games, i just am sick of myself. i feel so self-pitying and craptacular. wooohhoooo. horray for shite.