Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DeathSpank coming to PSN today and XBLA tomorrow!

Though I have previously shown no love or attention for DeathSpank, the game has still been on my mind.

It is a charming little game that has been equated to a cross between Diablo and Monkey Island (that is a sell day one (TODAY!) for most people) and it is only fitting seeing as Ron Gilbert - the co-creator of Monkey Island - is heading the project. If you could not decipher from what the game has been compared to, it is an action RPG.

There are a crazy amount of weapons in the game ranging from Physical to Weapons of Justice. There are also Elemental Weapons and Runestones. I have no idea what this means but have you not seen that trailer above this post, it literally says it all - and more.

It looks like a great buy and I will probably be playing the demo on PSN today and buying the game on XBLA tomorrow. You know, I have an achievement reputation to keep up.