Friday, September 7, 2007

New Blog Struggles

Yes, this is only my second "real" update, though I did promise a set schedule. Time has not been friendly to me lately and I have been working like a dog (though not on the blog). For the time being at least, until I get a handle on it, you can assume this blog will be updated once weekly. I am also still debating whether I will start doing individual posts on specific “larger ticket” items. I suppose I should not worry about my lack of updating at the moment though for I do not think I have many readers. Well on with the news.

In news that will break little hearts, but may break those of the hardcore, DevelopMag, has reported that there will be no Crackdown sequel despite the games success. The developer said that Microsoft took too long to say anything about a sequel, if they said anything at all. The developer is now working on a new project. Personally I would have been happy with a sequel to Crackdown because I enjoyed the game a great deal. Unfortunately I have not been able to play the game since the new content and achievements have come out but on a free day that I am not playing one of the many games that I need to catch up on, I may just play.

On Labor Day, here in the US, the Hidden Fronts Map Pack finally went free (everywhere of course). It really was a good marketing strategy for them to wait this long because basically all Gears of War gets now is one last punch before Halo 3 ships and KO’s the aforementioned GOW.

In Rapture there may be new Plasmids coming though, if I do not get teleportation, I doubt if I will really care or if it will make much of an impact (not that any BioShock news does not create waves). In other BioShock news the title update that got me exited when I booted up the game the other day does not much other than improve the stability of saved games. I am on my second run through of the game where I toned it down from hard (just to have fun and feel powerful) and have taken to harvesting Little Sisters this time through. I have died few times and I am greatly enjoying myself once again. I am enjoying looking at the plot from a new angle the most though.

The imminence of the perfect storm that is Halo 3 is beginning to reach its climax. Halo 3 is going to be available to play this Thursday night on IMAX as reported by the Microsoft GamerScoreBlog. Check Pontiac (as they are the sponsor) for more details). As soon as I found this out I signed myself up. I plan on showing up at least two hours early for that. In previously rumored news that was confirmed to be true, Master Chief a.k.a. Spartan 117 a.k.a. John was "unveiled," in a large event that took place on Monday, at Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas. It was said that it would probably tour the various locations so if, and when, it comes to New York, and you can count on the picture.

Another event I should be attended is the Rock Band tour. It comes to New York at the beginning of November and I will be there rocking out on guitar (the only thing I feel confident enough to try). I am stoked to start my own online band (no real band for me) or be a part of one. I need to at least master Guitar Hero II on Hard Mode first.

Speaking of the impossible (I’m not that good at GH2) a Shivering Isles standalone disc is being released alongside the GOTY edition. I still have not played Shivering Isles. Oblivion is quickly one of those many games that I have been struggling to finish.

It is not always sunny on the Xbox 360 however. It has recently been reported by that there is STILL no good news for the 360 in Japan. Dismal sales continue to plague the console in the Far East. The boys over at the X3F podcast wonder if the 360 will take a page out of the original Xbox’s playbook and just stop making games for the Japanese market. I find myself worried and wondering about the same thing.

Lastly, many people I know who own the Wii console are finding that their “gimmick” is wearing out and Nintendo is worried about “gamers” becoming complacent (via Joystiq). LAIR continues to be plagued by bad press while Sony fights the good, though failing, fight for its lost triple-A title. They went so far as to send a reviewers guide out many major sites (via IGN). I think now what Sony needs to worry about is their delay to Stranglehold and The Orange Box. A collector’s edition of Stranglehold does not do you much good if you cannot play it when your proverbial rivals can.

It was an interesting few days since my last update and as the holiday season approaches it will only get more weird and a lot more crazy.