Saturday, June 30, 2007

buy teh haloz.

i always manage to create my blog entries at the most random times and they usually fall into the late hours of a day. tonight, for instance, i was working the closing shift until 11.30p which means that i do not get home for another hour. so being that i am home now: cindy is asleep and i need my wind-down time. i have to close again tomorrow night so... yeah.

other than that i have not really been up to all that much. i have been playing the normal amount of games if not a little bit more. i picked up lego star wars 2 for twenty bucks so the game and its achievements should keep me amused at least for a bit. i really have my heart set out on picking up the darkness but i do not think i will get to do that for at least another week. yesterday and today i was also playing a bit of gears and i enjoyed that quite a bit. i need to catch up with the rest of the community with that one. i should get to that before halo 3 drops. that will come a lot sooner than later.

but back to the world of the real...
i am on a program to promoted starting the week of the ninth so i am exited and nervous about that at the same time.

i think i am going to play a couple of games of uno on live and then collapse into sleep for a while.