Thursday, July 1, 2010

Club Nintendo Platinum/ Gold Rewards Announced

Your hard work of registering your first party Nintendo games has paid off, the Club Nintendo rewards for this year have been announced:

The elite status (600 coins) reward is a statue that features all of your favorite Mario characters. It 3.9 inches in height and 4.6 inches in diameter. It comes in a decorative packaging.

The gold status (300 coins) is a Club Nintendo calendar for 2011. Big difference.

The new Club Nintendo year begins today so start registering those games and doing those surveys.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hulu Plus coming to Xbox (2011) and PS3 very soon; Available on iPhone/iPad Now

The news was broke today that Hulu will be releasing their service to both Sony and Microsoft systems, with the emphasis on Sony receiving the service first. With the amount of video watched from various users on both systems through the Netflix and Sony video feeds, this will be a great addition to both platforms.

The feature will be available for $10 a month with ads to users. With the inception of the Hulu platform, the service will reach to areas of programming that Netflix cannot yet touch upon, being mostly the newest of network shows. With various programs affiliated with NBC, ABC, and FOX showcasing on the service, this product will be a thrilling help to those who want the newest and most interesting of programs, broadcasted in 720p.

It will be great to see the various reasons reflected as to why Sony is receiving the service first, and if after the inception of the $10 a month charge added to your already charged Live Accounts, and eventual Sony chargeable accounts, if we see more services charging an additional fee to use their services through the systems. Either way, this product will be one I will be very tempted to use this service when it does hit the Microsoft Xbox system in early 2011.

Playstation Firmware v3.40 Available Now; Playstation Plus Today

I do not get to play as often as I'd like.

I never knew the days of yore when the Playstation Firmware was updated on a, what seemed like, at least bi-weekly basis. Now it seems to happen on a bi-monthly basis and the update process is quicker - no one is complaining.

The main highlights of firmware 3.40 are Playstation Plus, a five-star rating system and a photo and video uploader (to Facebook and YouTube). Other features are a photo gallery where you can look at your Picasa and Facebook photo albums (again you can upload to both of these services as well) and a new power save functionality that sets your consoles default inactivity shut-down at 2 hours.

So yeah, nothing that exciting but coming along with this update is a more robust Playstation Facebook app. It allows you to add friends to your friends list that are on Facebook and vice versa. One step closer to social networking domination.