Friday, June 1, 2007

there's a huge sense of entitlement that permeates our entire culture. the issue of our economic and sociological narcissistic indulgence begs a much larger question: How happy are we as a society? We should be happier now than we were during, say, the '50's (when the hell did they invent toilet paper? How bummed would you be if you had to wipe your ass with your hands? Super-Bummed). But we are one the of unhappiest civilizations in history. we may have more neuroses, depression and anxiety. we're bombarded with so many images, ideas and noise that we becomes desensitized to anything and everything. everything we want is immediately available to us, but nothing that we want is what we need.

~gabe saporta.

i think this is the best pessimism i have read in a while, but hey everyone hates this guy and i love him.