Friday, March 30, 2007


so i picked up the kitty today and the whole experience has been fun. some sarcasm noted. the cat is awesome and loves attention and if you are near it, it doesn't specifically need attention but likes to be near you. the sarcasm i was hinting at was the train ride home where the kitty did not want to be in that box and kept meowing. i felt so bad. i decided to try and introduce the cat and the dog but after figuring out quickly that it wasn't a good idea i checked out some stuff online only to discover that they needed to be introduced slowly. apparently they need to get used to each other by smell first. it makes sense.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


this is a good song to randomly have in your head at work.

probably my second favorite of their songs.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

a nice longg day.

long needed two g's, trust me. i worked almost twelve hours and i wasn't
supposed to. yeah what the fuck i'm a whiner. haha and i have to open
tomorrow; i love running myself ragged at both ends.

the black donnellys was amazing last night as usual but last night was
the best since the second episode. they really know how to work a lot of
magic with that show. it plays like my favorite movies do and i can
watch the episodes two and three times and love them just as much.
again if you haven't checked it out yet do that mondays @ ten.

so i talked more about a show than how exhausted i am. goodnight

Sunday, March 25, 2007

retrospective conversations.

def. - those conversations in which are hard to come by or incredibly
thought provoking.

i do not think there has been a shift that i have ever worked where it
never felt like i was working for a second. thoughts were equally on
comics and all propoganda related and tipped towards musical
inclinations. we talked about batman, texas is the reason, invader zim,
and the movielife.

my bone tattoo went over well.

on another topic i have been playing something other than crackdown for
the past day. alien hominid hd which is awesome in its every aspect.
this is a highly reccomended game to those who only even have a pc. it
was originally a flash based game (and rightfully still is) from the
fine people who run anyway check it out.

and now i am finally on the train and kudos to that because the
originally inspiring guitar strumming was beginning to drill into my