Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lionhead Studios Countdown

UPDATE: The countdown is at zero at 12.42am on Wednesday; August, 19, 2009 and on the left banner where there was previously just bullet holes, there is some blood spatter added to mix if you wait for a bit. Somehow I am disinclined to believe that this will be a Fable 3 announcement. I am beginning to believe that this is for a new IP.

A few days ago quotes from famous revolutionaries (Joan of Arc, Che Guevara) have been posted as the main splash page on Lionhead's website in the form of a countdown. As you can see to the right, there is one day left until the big announcement.

Speculation on this Joystiq's part include a Game of the Year edition of Fable 2... which would be a silly thing to have a countdown for or perhaps an early Fable 3 announcement (this is naturally what I am hoping for). Perhaps it could be the official announcement for the Milo Project which as you know from E3 involved the Project Natal camera (though this is probably not the case).

If you navigate to their site by way of the thumbs up or thumbs down buttons the left banner on the site is ridden with, what look like, bullet holes (does smoke curl from any other type of holes?). If anyone has any idea what this could be, you know where to post it. Fable 2 had guns, right? What other Lionhead projects had guns? Is this something entirely new?

Monday, August 17, 2009

WAIM: August 17, 2009 - Beyond Good & Evil Edition

Since my last WAIM (What Am I Playing) I have done nothing but play Beyond Good & Evil.

I broke out my original Xbox last Wednesday and popped in BG&E.

I suppose I do not want to talk about the game too much because I am planning another Retro Review around it. The game is great fun and I need to complete it before Shadow Complex comes out this Wednesday.

The experience of hooking up my original Xbox again was a trip to the past. It was so interesting to see the old "dashboard," if you could call it that, and I remember a time when I liked the sound of the old Xbox booting up more than the 360's boot up screen. Other than that I had to get used to the enormous Controller S which just feels awkward all around in one's hand. It is bulbous in all the wrong places and at this point I really cannot find the need for the memory card slots to be in the controller.

Monday MUpdate: BBS

ATTN: To Whom It May Concern

The weekly column known as "Monday MUpdate" has been temporarily put on hold. The reason for this is undisclosed at this time, to be revealed on a later date. We apologize for the inconvenience and lack of snarky commentary.

In the mean time, enjoy two concept art pieces from an upcoming videogame.


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