Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday MUpdate: RIP 360 (Not really)

As I sit this, I'm sitting in my brand new apartment watching TV on my new television, streaming a show that I was unable to watch when it aired. Normally, I'd be doing that off of my trusty XBOX 360. Today, however, I'm doing it off my PlayStation 3. Innocent enough, right? I mean, the cat turned on the PS3 in the middle of the night. Might as well just use it, right? But it's not just that. Not at all. After unpacking all my things and hooking up my 360, I turned it on only to find myself switching back to the PlayStation. Could it be? Have I turned? I love my 360 and have all my games for it and all my pre-order games as well, and next week Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 comes out so you'll be sure to catch Jewnado online for... oh, I dunno, a million hours? But right now, even though I have 4 games for the PlayStation 3, I find myself using that more preferentially than the 360. It's possible that the reason for this is that I just haven't put Fallout 3 in the 360 yet (Left 4 Dead almost permanently resides in the 360), but it's more than that. Dare I say it, but I prefer the set up I have for the PS3 more. HDMI, digital audio, surround sound, amazing picture quality. I'm not saying that the 360 does not have that, but my model has no HDMI or digital audio support, so the PS3 wins. Therefore, I miss out on all the action that my friends are boasting about with Shadow Complex and 'Splosion Man. It's just me and my Fat Princess.

On the plus side, Fat Princess happens to be an insanely fun game, so let's consider this space for some reviews this week. In Fat Princess, you essentially play a game of Capture The Flag, except there is an obese lady of royalty involved. You are given several different classes of which to pick from in order to fill out certain duties, including a healer, a mage, a fighter, a worker, and a marksman. All of this is in a base to which you can upgrade and build support in. Outside the base you'll find pieces of cake to which to feed the princess, and as you feed her more and more she becomes fatter and fatter, the point being that now the enemy team can't carry her across the map easily. As any Capture the Flag game goes, the gameplay goes back and forth until one team captures the other princess while retaining the enemies. Add that into a hilarious form of 2D animation in a practically cell shaded world with some hilarious added in dialogue from your characters and the narrator of the game (who likes to say "The n00bs have been pwnd!"), and needless to say you have an insane amount of hilarious fun.

Now, CTF/FP isn't the only kind of gameplay in the game. There is Team Deathmatch as well as Map Domination, and all of it is equally as fun as Fat Princes, but that still holds the winning spot for me. There's just something about running around and feeding a princess who consistently cries out for more cakey, please. The only downfall I've found of the game is that the majority of people playing online either rush the enemy base and make the game five seconds long, or they all want to play Team Deathmatch, making it so that to play Fat Princess I have to play the single player game, which doesn't have as interesting AI as a real person. The game's AI seems more interested in prolonging the game to force you to take action instead of trying to really steal your princess at all, whereas the online gameplay provides a real challenge: the human brain.

Regardless, Fat Princess makes for a winning combination of humor and gameplay to make it a very worthwhile purchase. Highly recommended. Stay tuned in future weeks when I throw in reviews for Flower, LittleBigPlanet, and then, of course, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. Also, if anyone is curious as to my thoughts on Batman: Arkham Asylum, you can find them right here. Although, be warned: I am very harsh on the game where most people are not. Chances are, I will disagree with you on your thoughts of the game, so keep that in mind if you click the link.