Thursday, August 16, 2007

my raging obsession.

i have an obsession with commercialism. this something that few know about me or at least i only perceive it as the few. my latest obsession is with the ongoing simpsons movie campaign that is everywhere. today i had burger king and felt even better about it than i normally do because the simpsons were plastered everywhere. this was much like my visit to a 7-eleven that was modeled like a quik-e-mart.

the current, or future, campaign that i am going to be obsessed with is the mass halo 3 coverage that will be everywhere. it will be in my 7-eleven, my burger king, mountain dew, etc. i have even considered purchasing a halo 3 xbox 360. i am exited and tantalized at every prospect. i want to pick up the halo 3 zune.

now the big thing here i am pointing out is i am a media whore and those ads that everyone ignores. those apply to me. i love em, well most of the time. most people get sick of it and say what is the point. people know about the simpsons and halo, why do i need it shoved in my face. i say because it is directed at people like me who will gobble it all up and buy it all. i love it through and through and i welcome more of it. bring it on baby.