Friday, April 24, 2009

RTS', RPG's, Platformers, OH MY (Release Dates in May for DLC, in October for BRUTAL LEGEND!!!!)

I want to start off by saying that I hope this never happens.

I have been on a sort of break since my birthday (the 21st; I'm now 24) but it was not really planned. It just became one of those stretches of days where everything in life feels like some form of work (even the things I find pleasure in). I have still been playing less games because of the dog though I did pick up and play some Rock Band on my birthday. Enough about the personal life though here is more of what you came here to read:

I am going to attempt a package of news because I only feel like writing one post right now. Count on it being longish...

First on the docket, Brutal Legend now has a release date. I can now look forward to a psychotropic adventure on a specific day as opposed to a generalized period of time. Though I wish it was just for me, I won't keep the date to myself it will drop on October 13th of this calendar year. I wonder if it would have been a different date if Sierra was still publishing it.

Second up, Halo Wars is getting some new multiplayer DLC. What this means to you is that the game is getting 3 new multiplayer modes and 100 new achievement points all of which you can read about here. I am excited because I might go back to the game which I have uncerimoniously neglected ever since I started playing Call of Duty 4 some weeks ago.

Last but not least, Fallout 3 is getting its last piece of the current set of DLC on May 5th. Broken Steel is going to raise your level cap to 30 and allow you to continue past the games original endpoint. How far past, you ask? Infinitely. Look forward to it. I know I am. I'll get back to it for sure this time, right?

Fable 2 also has some DLC coming (another game I neglect (seems like a common theme)) and I do not yet know that I find LEGO Rock Band worth mentioning. Oops.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mupdate 3: The GAF Collection

Yeah, keep your pants on. 3 updates in a day is exciting, but you can handle it. this isn't a really legit update either, but rather something cool I found online. Some people at's forum decided they would make their own series of covers for something known as the GAF Collection, which is essentially the video game version of the Criterion Collection. The point of the Criterion Collection is to distribute important classic and contemporary films, and they always come with new box art that is way cooler than what ever the original distributor puts out.

So here are some awesome picks from the GAF Collection, and be sure to check out all of the thread over here.

Personally, I think someone should make a collection like this, isntead of "XBOX's Greatest Hits" or "PSX's Greatest Hits." Something with cool new sleek box art that lets you see, "Yeah. This game is important." Something like that would be awesome.

Mupdate 2: Batman Arkham Asylum Collector's Edition - Is It Worth It?

Nate said earlier that he is getting excited for the Batman game, and me being the intense comic book reader that I am (I spent almost $50 on comic books alone last week, and I wonder why I'm so poor) also look forward to it with bated breath. I mean, someone said that it'll essentially play like the BioShock of super hero games. Awesome, right? Combine that with Mark Hammil as the Joker and Kevin Conroy as Batman (the guys who did the voices on the 90's animated cartoon... remember that?) and it looks like we'll have a great Batman game.

Now, I'll only pre-order a game if it's got some kind of special limited edition to it, because otherwise I could just go get it normally at any time. What's the rush? But when the Batman: Arkham Asylum special edition specs were released, I came up with a conundrum. Let's break it down.

Here is the $99.99 collector's edition of Arkham Asylum. With it, you get a 14" batarang for your display case, Arkham's journal in a nice leather dust jacket with information on all the inmates, a behind-the-scenes DVD, and exclusive levels. Sounds great... but almost $100 great?

Let's be honest - 9 times out of 10, super hero games fail. Most critics agree the best super hero game was Spider-Man 2, which took GTA sandbox gameplay and let you sling webs around the city. Awesome. I for one am of the opinion that Marvel Ultimate Alliance is the best super hero game, and if Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 has a pre-order package, you can be sure that I'll get it. But outside of this, what do we have? Crappy Batman games, crappy Iron Man games, crappy Hulk games, crappy X-Men games... the list goes on and on. So while Arkham Asylum might be fun, it might also just be worth one play through and then a shelf forever life span. Hell, it might just warrant a rent for a weekend play through and then return it life span. Let's be honest here - in the world of Next Gen gaming, there has never been a good Batman game. Granted, the only attempts were with Justice League Unlimited (which was fun to an extent, but the lack of Hal Jordan annoyed me) and the Batman Begins movie tie-in (let's just not talk about it). Add that to the fact that most TV/movie/comic tie-ins aren't worth the dough (I STILL haven't bought Afro Samurai, even though I loved the demo), the odds are stacked against Batman in this one. So is it really REALLY worth it to spend $100 for a 14" batarang?

I don't think I'd ever call myself a die-hard Batman fan. I know there are some people who are Batcrazy, and I look at them and judge them as I often do (considering I have mountains and mountains of comic books in my closet) and I say, "Ok, we're living in a post-The Dark Knight world now where everyone seems to think Batman is the greatest hero ever (even though he isn't), it's the perfect time to spring a hyper expensive shiny toy for all the nerds to want." And I do want it, I do. But when I hold my $100+ GameStop credits in my hand and I look down the road at all the games coming out (Assassin's Creed 2, Mass Effect 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for sequels; Prototype, Brutal Legend, Darksiders for firstquels) and then I look at my brand new DS (thank you, girlfriend), I gotta say that no matter how shiny and cool that Batarang looks, I don't think I can justify spending $100 on a 14" replica that DOESN'T LOOK LIKE THE ONES FROM THE COMICS.

There. I said it. I'm an elitist comic book snob, and The Joker looks goofy.

New Fallout Game Announced: Las Vegas Style

Once again, I am butting in my nose in a way I do not normally do. As my work cracks down on what sites are blocked and what aren't, I have less and less I can do to fill up my free "I don't feel like really working" time. I was browsing's video game forum (yes, you read that correctly) when I accidentally stumbled on some incredibly exciting news that I just had to share: Bethesda has announced a brand new Fallout game, called Fallout New Vegas (I'm assuming that's a tentative title).

Now, this game is not a sequel. It's simply another game in the Fallout series. I, for once, can say that this news has brightened my day extremely. I should note that I have yet to play The Pitt, but this is due only to monetary constraints (I'll probably get it next month some time). But seriously, how cool is this? Fallout's post-apocalyptic world in Las Vegas! I don't know if any of our readers have been to Vegas, but I have, and I think it'd be awesome to see how the end of the world fares over in the city of sin. Seriously - the lights in that city never go out. I can just imagine now what those giant billboards advertising Wayne Brady's live show will look like covered in graffiti, and what the ruins of each casino might look like. Every casino in Vegas is pretty unique to the building, so that's another thing to look forward to in the game (also, will you be able to hack slot machines?). I also can't help but think of that teaser trailer for the third Resident Evil movie, Extinction. Should be lots of fun.

Lots of good games coming out... I should probably stop wasting my time only playing Peggle and Marvel Ultimate Alliance and get on to my Mass Effect double replay already.

Game Diary - Hoard the Horde

I finally attained the achievement for surviving all 50 waves in Horde (GOW2). It was really fun and I probably would have not completed it if I did not get to do it with friends.

I would like to try playing this mode on other levels because it was relatively easy playing through it on 'Day One'. The only thing hard about it is finding the time to play through an entire fifty rounds.

If you have not yet played Gears of War 2, really, what are you waiting for?

The only other thing that has really been on my mind as of late in relation to games is The Beatles Rock Band. I have been listening to The Beatles like crazy lately and it has really has my wanting to get back into playing Rock Band again. Call me crazy but I want the 250 dollar bundle. I'll sell off my other RB instruments just to have this come to fruition. Anyone else looking forward to this game?