Wednesday, March 17, 2010

C.C. Sabathia and Sweetwater in a PSA from F.R.A.G.S. (Battlefield Bad Co. 2)

I'll stop posting things about Bad Company 2 when DICE stops giving me the fodder.

F.R.A.G.S. = Friends Really Against Grenade Spam

This video hits at the perfect time - baseball season is about to start and I just got MLB 10 The Show in the mail (more on that later). It also takes another playful dig at Modern Warfare 2.

Remember, friends don't let friends spam the grenade button.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Love of Battlefield Knows No Bounds

I wish I had a PC so that I could and would be playing Battlefield Heroes but alas I do not - shed a tear for me. Really though, I just wanted to share this funny little trailer with you that you might not have happened on today.

The news that can be taken from the video and the post on the Battlefield Blog is that from today, March 16th, until April 19th Bad Company 2 content will be available for Battlefield Heroes. New content includes: 6 new weapons, new skin designs for your character, etc.

If you are a Bad Company 2 VIP (that code that came in your game box) you will automatically be given 700 Battlefunds (equivalent to 5 USD).

Sign up today, it's free.

Monday, March 15, 2010

WAIP: March 15, 2010 - The "300th" Post Edition

This week was the week that I finally moved off of my second playthrough of Bioshock. I netted myself the Brass Balls achievement and then proceeded to start Bioshock 2. I played for roughly an hour making sure that I was on track to nab the Big Brass Balls achievement. After I hit that hour mark - roughly fifteen minutes after nabbing my first plasmid - I was drifting off and I decided that it would be best to give myself a Bioshock break.

Since that moment, and for the remainder of the week, I have been playing Battlefield Bad Co. 2. Raise your hand if you are surprised. I have strictly been playing multiplayer leaving the single player for sometime after I have finished all of the other games I have been playing (God of War Collection, Bioshock 2, BrĂ¼tal Legend, Borderlands DLC, etc.)

I have played as all of the classes and I feel like I finally have a good grip on the maps (Side note: Have you noticed how much easier it is to learn points on a map when it does not involve "rushing" for the best weapons (ex. Halo)?) I have been primarily playing the medic class which is a big step for me seeing as I have to do a good job sticking with my teammates or squad.