Wednesday, February 7, 2007

is it possible that things are getting better (knock on wood0

let's not get me wrong here i am am not what one would call a pessimistic person. on the contrary, i am quite the ever-loving optimist. the is true to the "t" in pessimist seeing as i had to spell check the word. there is no need to beat around the bush on this one. finally, after all is said and done, i will be living with my soon to be wife. days have been filled with work and nights with cartoons and video game desires. whenever i write in a blog i never know what to put there because it is usually that i have nothing left to vent because i have usually done so with a human being. i suppose i am one that takes a more conventional methodology to things. i do not know how i would rely on internet advice. these entries are never made with the intention of any response or solution to those problems that truly end of worthy of a blog entry. i suppose if i were deaf or mute, with no offense intended to either party, i would look at this ability to type as a blessing. the only useful purpose for this keyboard it for writing, that of which i scarcely do. shed a tear for my apparent lack of motivation. i suppose that i do use these keys to engage in real-time internet chats with my all-to-scene bad self. go figure that one out. but yet again, i digress, that i use my ultra-hip mobile device for that also (albeit rarely also). am i too disconnected from others? no though i hardly use my cell phone other than to speak with the best friend or wife. and when i move in with her...who knows. prepaid here i come. i am way too techno-saavy to let myself not own the most recent hot device. two year service plans here we go! let's put this entry in perspective: my xbox is in the shop, so to speak; i have pissed cindy off; the entry is due. i better go before i don't find something better to do with my time.

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