Friday, August 10, 2007

i am in for an enjoyable weekend of closing both days at work. i do not think i will be gaming much this weekend but that is alright i suppose... only time can tell i guess. i have been working hardcore on gears of war and not much else. i have been neglecting most of my other games though i really do want to play some others but i am determined to have most gears achievements before bioshock and halo 3 come out. the others i really want to play are prey (easy achievements and i never finished the story line). crackdown (new achievements). the darkness (i got discouraged when i went to the hard difficulty level and couldn't make it past the first level, and i am also waiting for the multiplayer fix). i am about as behind in gaming as i am in reading. i am reading currently, 'ladies and gentleman the bronx is burning.' and on my list to read is daywatch, harry potter, jonen vasquez graphic novels, the lovely bones, twilight watch, etc.

this has been an eventful year for me other than for music. music has come out this year but i don't feel overwhelmed by it as i did last year.

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