Sunday, March 25, 2007

retrospective conversations.

def. - those conversations in which are hard to come by or incredibly
thought provoking.

i do not think there has been a shift that i have ever worked where it
never felt like i was working for a second. thoughts were equally on
comics and all propoganda related and tipped towards musical
inclinations. we talked about batman, texas is the reason, invader zim,
and the movielife.

my bone tattoo went over well.

on another topic i have been playing something other than crackdown for
the past day. alien hominid hd which is awesome in its every aspect.
this is a highly reccomended game to those who only even have a pc. it
was originally a flash based game (and rightfully still is) from the
fine people who run anyway check it out.

and now i am finally on the train and kudos to that because the
originally inspiring guitar strumming was beginning to drill into my

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