Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai

I have been playing an XNA Community demo for The Dishwasher for the past few days. It has a truly inspired design similar to Tim Burton/Roman Dirge/Edward Gorey. The way the game is designed excites and inspires me every time I play it. I am just playing the same levels over and over again yet I do not feel bored. This game makes me want to perfect the way I play. I have played it three days in row so far and I plan to play it the remaining 12 days that it is available to be played. Its fast paced game play and overall tight feel make it feel incredibly rewarding when you pull off a finishing move or just a spectacularly bloody kill.

Just looking through the locked menus one can see that when the game is finalized there will be a plethora of content available to be enjoyed. Having worked in food service, this game makes it feel that much better to be destroying those that anger you.

Lastly this game inspires me to create something of my own. Congrats James Silva, I cannot wait for this game to ship.

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