Thursday, January 22, 2009

An Update From the Train

This will probably be my first and las update from my phone. I just wanted to give it a shot so I apologize in advance for any erroranious mistakes or lack of linkage. Let me know how this went in the comments.

Today was a great day in the Wasteland. I scoured the ends of the DC Wasteland for bottles of Nuka Cola Quantum and explored the wastes of Vault-Tec HQ. I can't tell you how excited I get when I come upon a bottle of Quantum but I can assure you the reaction is one of giddy delight.

I expected more from the Vault-Tec offices but there was still some fun stuff in there (I found a lot of lunchboxes). I have been working on filling my Nuka Cola vending machine and I finally found Dogmeat. The former is just for fun because I have become a Nuka Cola fanboy and the latter usually just points me in the direction of some enemies.

I have since sent him back to Vault 101 for fear of him dying and I only have 7 bottles of Quantum left to collect in the Nuka Cola Challenge. Every bottle after that shall be a Nuka grenade and I shall let one bottle sit on a shelf next to my bobblehead stand. I am all about the trophies from my various quests.

As you can see I love being part of this world. I know that I will be sad to leave when I beat it but alas everyone's day must come, even Fallout's Wasteland.

I know this entry was incredibly short but typing something of any length becomes quite the chore on the iPhone. I'll speak to you quite soon about other escapades in the Wasteland or in real life.

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