Saturday, February 14, 2009

Resident Evil 5 Demo Impressions

I figured that it was only fitting for a Resident Evil entry to be posted on Valentine's Day.

I have already told all of those who will listen that this is my first "real" (and I do say real because I once touched the first game some years ago for five minutes but it did not grab me) experience with any Resident Evil game.

I have enjoyed this experience. My reasons for getting into it are inconsequential but it goes something like, "This is the first Resident Evil game on the Xbox platform..."

After I had adjusted to the control system I was impressed with myself. I was opening my inventory, giving ammo, healing, reloading, running (but not gunning), and of course massacring the zombie-like foes. I was in love.

The game is beautiful to look at and fun to play (though I wonder if this was not my first, would I still feel the same?). This is a different gaming experience that 99.9% percent of games that I play. I now believe that the control system is THERE TO BUILD TENSION (though I wonder if I am being brainwashed).

In the past I would cite the broken control system as a reason for not playing the game, despite never touching it, and it is funny because if the controls were broken one would be lead to believe that CAPCOM would have been smart enough to fix them by now.

I normally do not think in terms of strategically reloading (I either do or I don't) but in RE you have to be strategic about it so as not to get chainsawed.

So go play it, stop reading, because it is a demo and it is free.

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