Sunday, March 8, 2009

Halo Wars: The Story So Far

My experience with Halo Wars so far is a good one. It feels like it is part of the Halo Universe which to me is the best part about it. The fact that it is an RTS where one can amass a huge Halo style army is just a plus.

I have been splitting my online matches between the win and loss columns. The only problem I have with this is that I do not know what I am learning from the losses. In the matches that I do lose I attempt to adapt my strategy based on the losing parameters only to find that those are not helping either.

But when I win it is completely the opposite; it is always a blow-out. I need to figure out what is happening here.

Just now I have come to the revelation that I need to stop attacking as much as I do but that is not the only thing because sometimes I am attacked when I least expect it (and other times still I am only caught a little off guard).

NEW STRATEGY: Build units fast, chill at base, be ready at all times. Good... Good.

As an aside, Halo Wars has me playing more Halo 3. The Mythic Maps that came with the limited edition are fun and I boosted for achievements for the first time with a few people the other day. I think that I feel bad about it.

Back to Halo Wars - I have come to like the extraneous things about Halo Wars the most. For example the Halo Universe timeline welcome along with the service records Ala H3.

That is it for this stream of consciousness; this is all that has been on my mind for the past few days.

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