Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How Has The NXE Benefitted Your Marketplace Browsing?

It has been a while since I last brought up the NXE but it has faded into the background and it has become part of our everyday Xbox routine.

What I would like to concentrate on today is Marketplace browsing specifically.
Lately I have been thinking about how I have found it easier to locate and buy things when I am looking for them but otherwise I find that I go to the Marketplace less and less just to browse.

This is not because I am broke because trust me when I say that I love to taunt myself with what I cannot yet have. The reason for me is that there seems to be a mental block that prevents me from going that far "up" or "down" into the dashboard. I also watch Inside Xbox videos less whereas when there was an orange icon flashing (telling me that there was something new), that was enough for me to go and watch a few new videos. I do like, however, when new content, that is of sufficient importance, is posted, it is right there in the spotlight.

How has the NXE changed the way that you look at new content, Inside Xbox, friends online, etc.? I feel like right about now is the opportune moment to see how people feel about the NXE because it has had some time to settle.

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