Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday MUpdate #1

So, due to my eccentricities and enthusiasm as of late, Nate and I have agreed upon me doing an update every Monday, if only so I don't randomly pop out of the woodwork once a month to review a game. So this is the first of many MUpdates to come, and I hope you enjoy it.

In the "game diary" section of the world, I haven't really been playing much. I was heavily into Mega Man recently due to a random occurence that reminded me of how much fun they were, but once I got back to playing them, I remembered that in reality, the games were detrimental to my mental health. Those games are ridiculous! I don't know when is the last time you played the original Mega Man games, or even the new one on XBOX Live, but it's just ridiculous. So, in order to stay sane, I ended up selling it back to GameStop and getting games for my new Nintendo DS. I got Chrono Trigger, The World Ends With You, and Final Fantasy IV (and I still have $50 left in GameStop credit!), and have been re-playing Chrono Trigger since. I think this is my (over all) 4th play through? Maybe? I don't know. I've been looking into finding Final Fantasy VI Advance as well, for GameBoy Advance, because I'd love an excuse to replay that. When I was little, and first got a GameBoy, my parents bought me Final Fantasy Legends III because they didn't know the difference between what I'd asked for (Final Fantasy III, which is what VI was retitled to in North America) and that. Anyways, Chrono Trigger for the DS is great. It's pretty much a port, but I love that you can seperate the battle command options from the screen for a nicer picture. I haven't come across many of the new AMVs, but the one I did see was cute(I love Robo). I highly recommend this even if you've played the game before. It's just such a classic.

I also finally beat Operation: Anchorage. Good stuff all around. I'm glad to get back into the world of Fallout. I will be purchasing The Pitt soon. Probably when I get a free chance during the week, although I may not play it for a while. The new Left 4 Dead DLC is out with new achievements and playable options, so I'd really like to give that a go. Plus, I STILL have to do my play throughs of Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect in anticipation for the new games (mostly Mass Effect though). I don't know if I posted this here or not, but a while ago I accidentally deleted all my save files for every game ever on my 360. It was devastating, but it gives me the motivation to replay things. I also plan to replay both Penny Arcade games because I had everything maxed out in all characters. Oy.

Finally, I'd like to post a little link. It's NSFW, but it's amusing. It's a combination of "I'm On A Boat" by the Lonely Island and clips from The Wind Waker. To be honest, while the video didn't have me laugh all that hard, someone's idiotic typo did. User 'LllusionX has a fanboy...' posted the comment "I think Link accidentally all the water," to which a whole slew of awesome comments came from. I think Link is a pretty cool guy. eh sails baots and doesn't afraid of anything. Gotta love the internet.

That's all I have for today. If you have time, IGN has an article up about the 10 Most Overrated Video Game Characters. This article was done through a poll, and I must say, people do not really get the concept of overrated at all. For example, Marcus Fenix was an overrated character, but all the comments really have to do with the game Gears of War, not the character. There is a very big difference. Also, Altair made the list, and he's had one game, and will only ever have one game. That's a little unfair, don't you think? Ah well.

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