Tuesday, August 4, 2009

BGE: New Feature and New Feature Idea Requests

My newest idea for a feature is a Retro Playback Review type of feature. I am not sure that I am going to stick with the name but it is a feature that I have been wanting to start up for a while now. I am currently playing through the Classic Edition of The Secret of Monkey Island as my first review and I have my eyes set on Beyond Good and Evil (though considerably not retro) as my second.

I will take any recommendations on games to play and review, for this feature, just so long as they are not from this console generation.

I am also taking recommendations on original features like this one (retro reviews) to amp up reader interest so post those in the comments as well.



JaySlacks said...

I would actual like to see some sort of Podcast round up, or maybe a podcast of the week. You don't have to pimp the one you're always on. No one wants to hear that crap, anyway. Hey, wait. That's my podcast!

Kara said...

I was thinking a fun feature might be to spotlight some of our favorite games from the past. I suppose it's sort of in the same realm as this, but maybe more or less a nostalgic style feature then a review. I dunno, I'm not fantastic with reviews because my writing abilities are poor. My reviews tend to simply state that it was good or bad. Haha, I want to go back and play some Age of Empires II or something like that...maybe Diablo II. Not sure.