Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Netflix Coming to PS3 by Temporary Disc Based Solution

Roughly a year later than the Xbox version Sony and Netflix are bringing Instant Watch to the Playstation 3. This does not mean a whole lot to me seeing as I already have this function on my 360 but it is still a nice addition for those PS3 owners whom do not have that luxury. It will be nice for convenience purposes (ex. not having to switch between consoles to watch a movie).

But there is a caveat, until late 2010 the Netflix experience shall remain a disc based experience. This does not make much sense if any at all. Sony and Netflix both knew that this was an experience that was coming to the PS3 and they had to know how ridiculous this whole prospect sounded. I can see the side where they wanted to get the experience into the consumer hand quicker (for business reasons I'm sure) but they could have:
  1. Worked on it a little harder and faster since they probably knew that Microsoft only had a year of exclusivity, or:
  2. Not released it until it was actually finished (again greedy pockets are most definitely the culprit here)
All I have left to say is that this is really a bonehead move from both parties. But, I have requested my disc and I'll let you know just how annoying not being able to access Netflix through the XMB (XcrossMediaBar) really is in a month or so.

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