Saturday, March 27, 2010

PAX Day One Wrap-Up (The Experience)

The day past has been an interesting one. It has gone by about as quickly as I expected it to and there were both sweet and sour moments to the day.

Let us start off sour so that we may end up sweet. The first disappointment of the day leads in to the second disappointment of the day and that is that the whole event feels very much like a first go of it. It feels as though the people who organized the show were disorganized in their organization. Regardless, the place was definitely stuffed to the gils.

The first disappointment was that I missed Wil Wheaton's keynote - not only that but I did not sit in on any panels at all. A tip for the show that goes without saying is that you should get there early for what panels you want to see. Missing Wil's keynote was heartbreaking but my group and I moved on into the Expo Hall which proved to be a great time.

I have every intention of writing up the games that I saw and had a chance to get my hands on but I did want to briefly mention them in passing here.

The first booth we stopped by was the Ska Studios booth so that we could check out The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile and Charlie Murder. James Silva (Ska Studios one man army) was talking about the game as we played and my friend and I were floored by how down to earth he was. It was my first of many great experiences and a good chance to get to know an Indie developer.

We then proceeded to stop by and see The Behemoth's new game, Battleblock Theater (which I do not think is all that memorable of a game title). It looks like good fun but more on that later.

What really stole the day for my friend and I was Raskulls by Halfbrick Studios - here all of the way from Australia. It is similar Dig Dug and Mr. Driller except it is competitive in nature: campaign is vs. the computer while multiplayer is PvP. It is a very fun and addictive game that I will have more to say about later.

We also had a look at Split Second, an awesome new racing game from Disney.

More to come tomorrow like actually catching a panel and a chance to meet (not just look at) Wil Wheaton. I also plan to get more hands on time with what I did today and more, like: Splinter Cell: Conviction, a new XBLA game that I can not remember the title of, etc.

Stay tuned.


Braden said...

I'm going to assume that the XBLA game that you are thinking of is Limbo.

Nate said...

It was actually Hydrophobia and I did not get the chance to play it. The show was basically all about XBLA.