Thursday, April 22, 2010

MLB.TV to Stream on PS3

Hughes had an amazing game last night.
There is a forthcoming announcement today, by Sony - reported by the New York Times - that they will be bringing the MLB.TV service to their console. The report states "by the end of the week," the console will give you the ability to sign up for MLB.TV to watch "out of market" baseball games directly from your console. This means that if you live in Oregon you can watch Yankees games on your big screen TV (and it also means that if you live in New York and you are a fan of the Yankees, this service is useless to you). Not that you could not find a way before - it is just now more convenient. Playstation much like XBOX is devoted to becoming the ultimate set-top-box experience.

The MLB.TV service will likely - as it does on your computer - run you one hundred smack-a-roos or more for the service.

[VIA Joystiq]

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