Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jurassic Park to Become Episodic Game Series

Does this logo not make you happy every time you see it?

The fine folks at Telltale Games are once again opening the gates of Jurassic Park though this time it will be in the form of an episodic game series. Game Informer reported that we would see the first episode by the years end.

If we are lucky we will see more of this described, "cinematic experience," at E3.

I for one trust the expertise of the folks at Telltale and cannot wait to see more on this announcement. Perhaps it will have the same "season pass" that Sam and Max currently has on the PS3 as I do not have a computer worthy of running this experience.

Come the end of 2010 hopefully we will all have a fundamental understanding of Dino DNA and perhaps less of the running and screaming.

[VIA Joystiq]

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