Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Best of Gamescom 2010... thus far (Mass Effect 2, Ratchet and Clank, Disney Epic Mickey)

I'll start out with my favorite thing to come out of Gamescom so far, the Epic Mickey opening cinematic:

Amazing no? I feel like though I am eagerly anticipating this game it will still surprise me.

Alan Wake also had something to say at Gamescom or rather, Remedy had something to say about his episodic adventures. They said that releasing the game on Xbox Live episodically would be an 'interesting experiment' and that there technically was nothing preventing that from happening. We saw this with Fable II, a game not very episodic in nature; it would only make sense to see something like this down the road. The Writer - the second downloadable episode - was also said to have been close down the road. Hopefully it does not overlap with the release of Halo: Reach, or something silly like that.

The rest of the interesting news comes from the PS3 side of the tracks and the most interesting piece is that Mass Effect 2 is coming to the PS3. I am all for this announcement but I wonder, how many people will pick this game up a year after it was released on the Xbox? Will it have exclusive content? I'd pick it up again if that was the case.

There are also two new games coming from Insomniac - Ratchet and Clank, this time with 4-player coop and Resistance 3. Having not spent a lot of time with these franchises this news doesn't excite me like it does for some but I am still looking forward to both.

Then again we might be able to put a lot of stock into these NEW PSP Phone rumors and get excited about something else altogether.

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