Tuesday, March 13, 2007

cabin fever.

the only time that you want to leave your apartment is the only time that you absolutely must stay in. i am currently waiting for both my xbox and cindy's new phone. fun fun times. i cannot wait for my xbox because i have gone so long without it. i am going to bring cindy her phone when it comes and while i am out i am going to buy a copy of crackdown. i am waiting in the kitchen and i think i am going to play WoW (world of warcraft), which consequentially i have been meaning to do all day. i have also meant to clean up but have not done so because god forbid i miss that buzzer or cannot get to it in time because i am elbow deep in filth. you should have seen me take a shower. shortest one ever, ear hanging out just in case. what am i going to do, run down to the lobby in a towel, probably. both of these companies (ups, fedex) came by this time yesterday so i am just waiting on inevitable 5 o'clock delivery time. pray for me that these bringers of gifts come soon.

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