Wednesday, March 14, 2007

new sbux.

so i have finished my second day at my new starbucks and i don't think i
could be any more complacent with my feelings about the place. the
partners are cool; few minor annoyances aside (which tends to always be
the case), the customers are pretty much alright (again with the minor
annoyances that can mess up your flow), we have a celebrity regular who
is extrodinarily nice (i was told that she was a regular: julia stiles),
and all and all the store is beginning to feel like home.

other than sbux i got my xbox back which i am extrodinarily happy
about. i played crackdown last which was f'ing awesome (a highly
under-rated game).

anyway i am on the train on the way home and i am actually quite tired.

nate out.

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