Thursday, March 22, 2007

who knows?

so i am up @ 6 in the morning headed to work. the dillema isnlt being
up at six in the morning. the problem here is that i remember on the
schedule that i am working in the am from 7.30 to 11.30, but my sidekick
says differently. what does it say? i have work in the pm. now i
already called but as i know, there are only two people there and no one
really answers the phone there anyway. worst thing is i don't have work
until tonight, which is probably not the case. i am betting that i just
entered it wrong into my sidekick considering it was my first time doing
so and i was doing it on a grand two week scale. all things considered
though, i am tired and i do wish that i could have stayed in bed. now i
am thinking of something though that could possibly lead me to believe
that i am working tonight: i remember thinking that it would suck to get
home @ 11.30 @ night because cindy would already be asleep. wtf. i think
too much but now i am kind of convinced. well i'll let you know if this
AM rant which apparently lasts longer than a normal rant was worth it or
not. i would so prefer the former because i am already almost there.

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