Tuesday, April 3, 2007

big dreams and playing make believe.

i have been reading a book called the secret, you may have heard of it. it is a really interesting and helpful read and i honestly believe its advice is meaningful, helpful, and most of all, real. i picked it up and wanted to write it off as some sort of cult but was intrigued enough by it so i bought it. so far it has been nothing but a help and given a more positive aspect of everything and has also given me the motivation by making me keep myself positive. as soon as i have found myself getting upset about something or even bored i modify my thinking in order to keep myself attracting positive things. now this could or could not make me sound like an absolute nut but i highly recommend it to anyone who feels like their soul needs a pick-me-up.
i am now going to begin working on what i hope will become a bigger project that i can even imagine at this point. it is going to be my gaming community within a gaming community. it will have clan based purposes for gears of war and halo and such and it will also be a place within the xbox community to create a more personable community and make it even more fun for gamers to meet other gamers. i am dreaming big and as long as i keep dreaming this way i can only go up. maybe a comic for the community, a forum of course, but most of all just for there to be people on your friends list that you always feel like playing with. i'll call it "P4PER M4N" because the idea i was stricken with was just to hand out flyers with this name on it to expand my gaming community.

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