Saturday, April 28, 2007

the need to get back on track.

i am thinking about how well i used to be able to write or how well i used to think i could write. now though, the only practice i get is silly blogging. i look at what i write and find that it is so stagnant, stuttered and just generally bad. i want to return to the flow and style that i had. i did force a style on myself but i just have never known how to find my own niche. this is the hundreth time i have written or spoken about this and after the rant i always tell myself that i am going to write more often. what spurred it this time is that i want to write for a gaming website or a public gaming blog. i want to share my passions with people but i can never just find a way. this was the first time that i actually contacted someone about it and although i have not received any response yet i feel that as long as i keep putting myself out there i will get the response that i am looking for. i am not even looking to be paid for it but i want the day to day experience. i will get it as long as i want it. i love gaming too much to not get a response.

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