Tuesday, April 24, 2007

after birthday experiences.

so things have been on a roller coaster lately. i have only one particularly low low but other than that it has been a fun ride. so, the day after my birthday was filled with foodshopping, seeing brand new, missing manchester orchestra :'-(, asking andy hull to play our wedding, him saying almost definitely, seeing geoff rickley, and being the only guy hanging out. yesterday was alright aside from the one majoe hiccup. a girl i work with had me so ticked off that i saw red and that is the only thing that needs to be said about that. i still have my job and everything and everything is in the process of being worked out. today was good and i saw cindy for lunch, i got my new slvr and i am on my way to pick her up. this is more of just an update than any new thoughts or intuition. sorry for my drab life? comments are open so leave them i like to know i'm loved.

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