Tuesday, July 17, 2007

sh*t happens.

i've started my training to become a shift supervisor and so far it has just been a bunch of reading of general things that i mostly knew. i was really bored today because of it even though i was only there for four hours. but that is really all there is to say about that.

so for the past week or so i have been on a real gears of war kick and it has been really insane. i have picked up some achievements in the game, some new and some old which is always fun. i am only expecting the new ones and i have also picked up two old which was a nice present. and that is it for that.

now for the icing on the cake. even though i do not live with family anymore i still get to hear about all the loveliness that goes on there. the newest, amazing, bit of information is that my brother has been arrested. arrested no less for beating the living shit out of someone. This reflects so well on me. Honestly, I just do not understand what I did right because for all intents and purposes my siblings and I are the ones who reflect to most poorly on my grandparents. I am so thrilled about this, but I am still happy that I am enjoying my life.

I have a beautiful girl who I plan on spending my life with. I have an amazing best friend. I have a new gay lover (lol, you know who you are). I have an arguably healthy hobby and I have a job that I love (it will let me go places, and it will make me the money I need to do what I need right now).

I love you all and I will speak with y'all later.

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