Sunday, July 29, 2007

this past weekend...

this weekend was something i was looking forward to for the past few weeks. it lived up to my expectations and exceeded them.

friday cindy and i woke up to catch the chinatown bus to maryland. it sucked at first because when we got on the bus it wasn't running so there was no ac. it soon cooled down after we got going but i was parched the entire trip because of a lack of water or anything else to drink. when we arrived it was incredibly hott. yes, that hot. we found whit and rick and headed to 7-eleven to get something to drink and then headed to whit's. kara got home and we all hung out going to the supermarket and best buy. that night we saw the simpson's movie and it was really amazing.

yesterday was great... i ate far too much and then drank far too much. i ate chipotle and some intense nachos. then it took me three beers to actually get buzzed (food soaks up alcohol). i got the new every time i die leak which is amazing... i am listening to it now. i made really good drunk friends with kara's girlfriend last night... drunk dancing doesn't really work. i also talked to matt and i do not really know what he even thought of that.

alright i am going to enjoy my last few hours in maryland... peace.

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