Friday, August 31, 2007

Midnight Update Meets "Deadline"

My wallet suffers from this addiction I have. I have no money and all of it that I do have is invested in GameStop's stock. I am a Gamer. I just "recovered" some of my money from actually receiving BioShock but now all of my loose change is being pooled into my Legendary edition of Halo 3. I'd also like to pick up a new 360 with that pretty "useless" HDMI port. Can I have it painted green and gold like Halo 3? Not to mention that I need that chat pad and the HDMI audio adapter that does not come with the "poor-man's" 360. Over five-hundred hundred dollars in a few short weeks. I work for Starbucks not Microsoft. I'll be selling my old 360 so that will pay for half of it hopefully.

This holiday season is a bank breaker, more than just Halo 2, and I have an already broken bank account. Mass Effect, one of the games to own this holiday, now has a release date of November 20th and Bioware has always impressed me. When Jade Empire came out I was all about it though I never properly finished the game. Mass Effect might have to wait for me but I should be playing it sometime in the top half of next year. Another game I might eventually pick up again will be Small Arms but it might have to take a trip to my phone (one of the two I own). Team Xbox reported that it will be hitting various cell phone carriers this fall. Also on Team Xbox the new Simpsons game parodying Medal of Honor was posted. I fully enjoyed the trailer and I feel like the game will be everything that a good Simpsons game should be. When my bank account recovers I'll be pre-ordering next years blockbusters.

A sure fire blockbuster of next year will be Halo Wars whose high definition, ten minute, game trailer is on XBLM. I recall that when this was announced at last years E3 I was stoked but, though it could be the pre-Halo 3 lull (could it hardly be called a lull), I do not feel as excited as I feel I should be. Let this be known now, in Halo's heyday, I was the biggest fanboy I knew. Now, after Gears of War, I was not sure where I stood with the whole series (Halo). Then I played the beta. 'Nuff said. Still, I am not sure I want to play the proverbial "God" in the Halo Universe. Blockbuster? It is possible but it will be a tough call for me.

As the present is concerned I feel that Blue Dragon will erased from blockbuster status by Bioshock. Will I be right, only time will tell. Will TimeShift be erased by Halo 3? Maybe the news of a demo will alleviate that, though not for myself. I find myself playing less demos and instead following the hype machine and discovering sleeper hits that have since past their heyday. Speaking of "heyday", I am exited for Viva Pinata to come to DS. The only other game I am exited about, for DS, is Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

In gaming politics Jack Thompson is causing quite the ruckus about Manhunt 2 having its rating changed from AO to M. He proceeded to send several immature emails back and forth with the community manager of Manhunt. I got a laugh out of it.

That is all I have for you today. Until next time, keep gaming.

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