Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Week of No Gaming Made Me Feel Accomplished

I finished my week of no gaming at midnight on New Years Eve.

I did not play a game until 10am that morning and that game ended up being Castle Crashers. I later played the demo of World of Goo on the Mac and I think that I will end up buying that game though I do not fully grasp it yet. I think the art and style of the game is what has me sold.

As I was playing I was thinking that playing after not playing for a while did not feel climactic. I think I expected to feel something more than, "Oh, okay, I am playing again." It is possible that I am not as addicted as I thought but I am just probably not reacting to this feeling - the same way it is for me when it comes to everything else in life.

I find that I want to play too many games at the same time still. I want to play Fallout, Left 4 Dead, some Horde in GOW2, Prince of Persia (don't even own it), Mirror's Edge (also do not have it).

I also want to make my GOTY post but I do feel like I am qualified, though in the end I think I am just going to make it based on what I have played. I also want to go through the games that I have played this year/played to completion but that is more for myself than anyone else (though I am sure you are gripping your seat at the prospect of knowing). I do find that I like to see the lists of games played by others, just the same as always hoping that your favorite game made the GOTY post of your favorite blog. It is nice to know that people that you relate to relate to you on an even closer level.

So I am playing again and even though I have no desire to play anything right now (I really still have to finish that book) I'll see you on LIVE.

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