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Games Played This Past Year (2008)

These are the games that I played this year regardless of whether they came out this year or not. I am still not convinced that the list is long enough but I put more time into gaming this year than I ever have before. I do not think that this is because I am “more” into gaming than I was last year instead I think it results from the fact that more games came out this year than any other (at least that I wanted to play).

I am going to fully admit to cribbing Stephen Totilo’s style for this entry because I like the way he set up this kind of entry. I’ll list all of the games that I have put my hands on this year and italicize the completed ones.

Games played in 2008:

Battlefield: Bad Company

I completed the story of this game, which I found enjoyable and funny. The multiplayer was good fun but I never gave it the time it deserved.

Mass Effect

Though I know it is a game from 2007 I only completed it at the beginning of this year. Not only did I complete it, I think I played through it a full four times. It may be the only full-length title I have ever done that with (that is including the original Halo (which coincidentally was one of the only games that I had for the original Xbox (I think I have mentioned this before))).

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Another game from 2007 but the difference between this one and Mass Effect is that I did not complete the single player and I did not play the multiplayer enough. I’ll go back to it but I think that it will be a strictly gamescore venture. I am a little sad that I couldn’t be more into this title.

Grand Theft Auto IV
I did not love this game as some others loved it and I did not hate it as some others did. I liked this game for what it was. I believe that I liked this game so much when I played through it because I am a New Yorker and I felt like I was living this fantasy lifestyle in my own backyard. I think this game always deserved more points if you were a New Yorker. I enjoyed the story but by the end I just wanted the whole thing to be over. Since then it has lost some of its luster but it is still the only GTA game I have ever played to completion. And yes, I will probably be one of those who return to Liberty City for the DLC. I think it is worth it to return and drive around some more in my backyard.

Lego Indiana Jones
This was a game that was bought as a gift for my wife and I as a wedding present. We didn’t make it through mostly because we do not get a lot of time to game together.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance
This game was a gift for my birthday from my fellow blogger. He and I need to play through this since he lost all of his save data. I would like to complete this game but I always get distracted.

Viva Pinata
I’ll highlight this game as completed though one can never really complete it. The reason is that I had purchased this game a while ago and another game distracted me. Earlier this year, in early August, I decided that I needed to play through it to the best of my ability… and I did. I was greatly enjoyable and though I do not think I will go back to it, it has prompted me to be interested in VP: TIP (the sequel). I’ll probably play that when there is another dry spell of no games.

Fable 2

I finished this game albeit a few side quests that I will go back to. I want to play through for the other endings and I am sure I will when I find the time.

Too Human

This really was not a bad game. It had a few problems but nothing that won’t be remedied in an inevitable sequel. I learned something new (in terms of new attacks) about how to play this game until the moment I stopped playing it. The more one played this game the more one understood it and the more it became better and better.

Fallout 3
I have not yet completed this game but it is one of the greatest games I have ever played.

Gears of War 2

I can say that I have completed the story mode, though I am working through it on insane with two other people, but that is about all I can say. I haven’t properly played Horde mode and I haven’t properly played multiplayer.

Left 4 Dead

The only reason I can call this completed is because I played through all four campaigns but I will never “complete” this game because I do not ever want to stop playing it. No game has ever done for me what this game does for me… but more on that later… like next post later.

The World Ends With You
Once again… I have not yet completed this amazing game. It has taught me something else about games – you can always learn something new – how to use two screens at once to create an amazing experience.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village
This game was great fun and occupied a lot of my time. It probably would have been better if I hadn’t spoiled the ending for myself.

Castle Crashers

This was the best beat-em-up that I have played since TMNT. It is incredible and has my vote for the best art of the year. Again, more on this one later.

Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2
One cannot complete this game but one can have their soul tormented by pink blocks and blue diamonds. This sequel also caused me to have resurgence in interest in the original. I became better at the game and beat all of my friend’s high scores in the original. Now if only I could do the same in all of the modes of the sequel.


This was one of the greatest game play mechanics of this year and also one of the greatest game stories. It was also one of the most confusing game stories ever. More later.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

I greatly enjoyed this game but for more on that see my review. I want to play through it again (mostly for gamerscore reasons).

I wish I were skilled enough to be able to beat this game. It is a possibility that it will happen one day.

Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 1

Funny, witty, and amazing! Now I must find the time to play the second piece of it.

Scene It! BOS
Good times with friends but no end in sight.

Games I missed:

Ninja Gaiden 2
I played most of the original so that I could play this one but I have still yet to complete it so until then the sequel remains on hold.

Burnout Paradise
I know that at this point I am just waiting for the Ultimate Box version but I am exited to play it. This one was just a time issue. When it came out I was caught up in the world of Mass Effect and nothing was going to stop me from playing.

Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 2
See above.

Prince of Persia
This is another one that you know I have expressed interest in.

Dead Space
I want to play this but I feel like I am not going to like it as much as I want to. Don’t ask I really can’t explain.

Mirror’s Edge
And on the opposite end of the Dead Space spectrum I feel like I will love this game. I played the demo and now I just need to complete some other games and I will come back to play this.

All in all this was a good year for gaming and my next post will be my game of the year post in which you will see just what I thought of all of the games that I have played.

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