Saturday, February 7, 2009

Halo Wars Demo Impressions

I was going to write this up when I woke up but having read Jarvis's own impressions of this demo I decided that I should get mine out there.

This will be the game that changes all of the preconceived notions of how an RTS is to be played on a console. This is what ENSEMBLE wants you to believe but the most important thing is - is it true?

I personally have had no interest in playing a console RTS before this but I can tell you that this feels right. One thing in particular that I noticed was that all item that are base related are all right there on the same pad. It just works.

Despite my lack of interest I also did not go into playing this demo with any skepticism. These are the creators of Age of Empires.

Like I said this game just feels right. Everything clicks and the controls are easy enough to use. The game/demo starts of with a stunning cut scene that just gets you pumped to play another Halo game. And then you are hovering twenty feet above one Warthog and you slowly begin to amass your army.

Be wary though because this is another one of those games that burns time.

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