Monday, April 13, 2009

Bioshock 2 Gameplay Trailer Impressions

I promised all of you that I would give you my opinions on the gameplay trailer of Bioshock 2 and I am here to keep that promise. First, if you have not yet seen the trailer (I will not berate you this time), here it is:


Alright... Did you watch it two or three times? Good.

I am going to say it. It does not "look" bad and I can honestly say that the Big Sister (which is still a really dumb idea) is looking to make this game sufficiently creepy. She is quick and has that same disembodied voice that is all the rage among Little Sisters. A cool effect in the trailer is when the glass breaks and you are submerged under water and the last gameplay aspect that looks fun is the ability to "be" a Big Daddy (drill and all) and still use plasmids at the same time (though it did happen at the end of the first).

Now for the obvious skepticism that really has nothing to do with the trailer. First, we know that this is a prequel and that you are the first Big Daddy. Now that we have the ground work laid, how did a Big Sis turn into a Big Pa where does she end up going at the end? Are these going to be big revelations or stupid explanations that are so full of plot holes that it makes Rapture look like a shinning star in the ocean.

I want it to be good but the question of whether it can deliver or not will remain until the game ships and critical opinion pours in. Okay enough water puns I'll speak with you all very soon.

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Mercy Medical said...

I don't understand how they are supposed to be going from this to the original. Given the two story lines, it just seems like they have a lot to connect to each other. I'm definitely excited for the game, but like a lot of lovers of Bioshock, I'm sure they will say the story line is the big seller for the game and right now I'm skeptical of what Bioshock 2 has to offer. The visuals still look just as stunning though, so they may be capable of making up a bit with that. Still excited for it though, I might need to get around to replaying Bioshock before this drops.