Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Amazon XBLA Marketplace and Xbox Live Primetime (XBLP)

I have not found any so called Xbox news specifically interesting lately so the fact that I am writing this post lets you know that there is something worth reading for some folks (I can't make the kind of promise that you will all care because I know that it would be rather presumptous to assume that). There have been a couple bits of Xbox news that I thought were interesting in the past week that I found myself wanting to write about.

One is that Amazon is selling Xbox Live Arcade game codes on top of the codes that they already sell for memberships and Space Bucks Microsoft Points. I think that this is cool and I may even consider this way of purchasing for some of my games (probably the ones I already know that I am going to buy). I'll do this mainly because I want to see a good service suceed in many ways (I love both Amazon and obviously Xbox and I am estatic about this little partnership).

What it comes down to is that I really think this program is designed to just sell more units on XBLA and to make it a more popular platform. I really think that it will help XBLA sales numbers. I also think that it will not matter much to the "hardcore" because they already use the online Xbox Marketplace for their online shopping needs. This could also be helpful to those who find the Microsoft Points program assinine. In the end though I think that this program could have been more viable before Microsoft launched the online Marketplace (BTW: BUY THIS IF YOU HAVE AN XBOX).

The second point of contention is that Xbox Live Primetime (XBLP) will be launching on May 15. It will be sponsored by Honda and it looks like you can win a car if you umm... win (it is is one of Xbox's Play & Win competitions so there will not be endless cars people). I am interested to see what the prizes will be beyond the initial car so bring it on Microsoft. This news post actually brought XBLP to my attention once again. I had forgotten. Awkward. Anyway I hope it is as good as I once wanted it to be.

Stay tuned for my Bioshock 2 gameplay trailer impressions: coming soon!

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