Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Cutest Game of all time: SCRIBBLENAUTS

I need everyone to know how excited I am for Scribblenauts but (not just because the main character looks like Raz from Psychonauts) not before I attempt to explain what exactly Scribblenauts is. 

Scribblenauts is a wonderfully designed cute little DS game that promises to be the quintessential DS title. To get an idea of just how cute this game is, here is a screenshot:
Its hand drawn style speaks enough about the games name and provides the cuddly feel for this game.
The game has 220 different levels in which one has to get the Starite at the end of each level. The player is able to write down, using your notepad, any object that they would like to appear in order to help them through the level. This feature is the selling point of this game. Coffee, water, internet, etc; all of these things are in the game. You are scored at the end of each level for basically how clever and smart you were. It was arguably the star showing of E3 and thus it has everyone charmed and talking about it.
I am excited for this game because I am a huge fan and based on the scoring alone, not even that it has 220 levels, I think that the re-playability will be nigh endless. These clever little games like, Professor Layton, The World Ends With You, Phantom Hourglass are the reason I love my DS and love carrying around with me.
Who will be the first person to write perverted things and see if they appear? Oh the sheer possibilities.


Matt said...

You can't write perverted things in. This was at E3 and we tried. The game is blocked against it.

Nate said...

I know, it was a joke.