Monday, June 15, 2009

Game Diary: June 15, 2009: In Which the Author Accidentally Goes on Hiatus

This is quite possibly the longest silence that you have endured from me and as usual I apologize for neglecting you - the dear reader. Real life gets in the way.

The last bit of anything gaming related (be it news or actually playing) that took place for me was when I played Mass Effect last Tuesday. I know that I am going a week here and it looks like it will be a week because I have no plans time to play today. I have honestly not even had time to acknowledge the fact that I hadn't been playing. I did touch on 1 vs. 100 extended play sometime last week but nothing more than answering a few questions here and there. I'll get my full impressions up when I get the chance to play it live.

However, last Tuesday was still quite enjoyable. It was the longest stint of playing Mass Effect on the current playthrough. I finished up at least half of the side quests that the game throws at you and I am feeling sufficiently confident that just playing through the main story line at this point will be enough to net me the achievements for completing the majority of the game with Kaiden and Wrex. I have also been chatting up Kaiden seeing as I am playing through with a female character and I suppose that is going well despite the fact that he is always jealous of my happenings with Liara. Something about that blue skin... Ahem.

Still, after this playthrough, I will need a final one to net the remaining achievements for the game. It will be my first 100% gamerscore on a retail game and I figured it will do justice for my love of the game. I will have played through five times after all is said and done - whew. I will save my last playthrough for the end of this year/beginning of 2010 so as to be fresh for ME2.

I had the privilege of reading OXM's big story on Mass Effect 2 (and by "had the privilege" I mean I bought the magazine) and all in all the article was awesome but it was nothing more than just a big tease full of concept art and screen shots. I am happy that I will get to see what the space port Omega will look like (after reading Mass Effect: Accession) and I am also stoked that Cerberus will be playing a larger role in this game. I hope the Illusive Man is as bad-ass as he sounds/reads in the book.

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