Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday MUpdate: Death of a Disco Dancer

For the start of this Monday MUpdate, I figured I'd collect every bit of E3 I was involved in for the convenience of all the fanciful readers, just in case anyone was curious. I ended up doing/writing a lot about it, so if for no one else, this acts as a nice way for me to have a collection of me-related E3 things to enjoy. So here is my official E3 Wrap-up:

Halo 3: ODST "Firefight" Write Up - bam
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Write Up - ka-pow
DC Universe Online Write Up - thwap
IGN Game Scoop! E3 2009 Podcast - snikt
E3 Write Up for BGE (including full descriptions of hands on games) - zap
E3: A Travel Companion's Perspective - epa
IGN E3 Wrap Up Write Up - (link missing)
IGN Editor For A Day Video - vjjjwommmvvvvvvb

So with that out of the way I can get on to other videogame related things, which will be split into two parts:

1. Things I Own: The most I played at E3 turned out to be my Nintendo DS. I don't think this is a huge surprise considering this is what I had in my hotel room and on the plane, but I finally managed to take out a good chunk of Crono Trigger. I love this game beyond loving it, but having played it a million times already I am admittedly slow. I know all the plot points, the twists, and the things to be wary of already. I've even taken a stab at fighting Lavos just to get one of the different endings (although I did fail). E3 did get me playing it a lot in my down time, and for anyone that knows the game, I am now in the Underwater Palace fighting the twin Golems. I had started, I believe, right as you enter 65,000,000 BC. That gives you a good estimate of all that I did in just three days! I really would like to sit down and give it a good honest play soon, with the hopes that I can finish, because I'm not that far from the end at this point. I still have The World Ends With You and Final Fantasy IV to play, in that order.

On my XBOX 360, the game I've been playing the most is 1 vs 100. It's in it's Beta stages and I was able to sneak into the first Beta the night before I went to E3. It was so much fun. Two of my friends and I sat around shouting out answers and making the avatar dance on "live" TV. It's probably one of the most fun experiences I've had in a group oriented game on XBOX in a while. It's too bad you can't win prizes yet or I'd be rolling in Microsoft points! 1 vs 100 was an idea I was doubtful on, but when it coems down to it, it really is a winner. I believe you can still play the bonus trivia rounds every night, so if you get the chance, play. The actual game is much more fun and I'm looking forward to the full season where you can really win prizes. And with Sam and Max coming out sometime this week, you can be sure that I'll be spending a lot of time in front of my TV.

Other than that, though, I haven't played much. I'd like to, I really would, but I have so much on my plate these days that sometimes it's hard to bring my priorities straight. I want to focus on so much that I end up focusing on so little. It's kind of a tragedy, in a way. All that, however, leads me to my next topic of discussion, which is...

2. Things I Don't Own: One thing about BGE is that we all have our systems. Nate and I have our Nintendo DS', we all have the XBOX 360, Kara has her PC, and Nate and Kara share a love for the simple pleasures of the Wii. But in the big four of the video game wars, where is our representation of Sony? I have a PSP sitting in my closet, but it hasn't worked in months and I've never cared enough to get it fixed. The only games I had were Metal Gear Acid, which I didn't enjoy, and Gitaroo Man, which I loved. However, the PSP just randomly stopped working one morning, and as I said, it was never a big enough part of my gaming life that I felt I needed to replace it. On top of that, I sold my PS2 to Game Stop a while ago in order to pay for XBOX 360 games! So is Sony doomed to a fate of no love whatsoever from us?

Not anymore. At E3, I developed a slight love for the PS3 and some of it's games. I found that there was more to love than I originally assumed and decided, why not? At the very least I get a blu-ray player out of the deal! Besides, I really want to play The Last Guardian (pictured) like nobody's business, and LittleBigPlanet is high on my list of wants as well. So I have begun saving away a little bit at a time and have decided that I will buy a PS3 for myself at the end of July, sometime after my birthday. This will act both as a birthday gift and a moving gift to myself from myself, and the longer I push it off, the more I will feel as if I really earned it. Or something like that. So look forward to some sort of PS3 related news towards the end of next month as it becomes more relevant in my life.

One thing I hope to do is reviews again, which I haven't done in a long time. Once I finish some other projects I'm going to go out and rent a bunch of games I've wanted to play for a while and give them all playthroughs and do reviews on all of them. None of them will be all that exciting or well known I suppose since I want to play games like Afro Samurai, but still. And as soon as I complete Sam and Max, I will definitely type up a thorough review of that, so keep your eyes and ears peeled as I do my best to get more involved in the videogame community once more.

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