Monday, June 29, 2009

Game Diary: June 29, 2009: Ghostbustin' Edition

In the past week I have played through Mass Effect Galaxy to completion and have been struggling with beating Ghostbusters on Professional mode.

At this very moment I am stuck trying to fling or pull Stone Angels into a gate. It is annoying. I imagine that these difficulty spikes are not just in the Professional mode though they are definitely heightened on this harder difficulty. These spikes will factor into my review but that is all I really want to say about it for now. Keep an eye out for that very soon (hopefully).


Anonymous said...

I was stuck at the Stone Angels for the longest time as well. I have it on casual setting (or whatever the lowest setting is) and found that to be really hard, can not even begin to imagine what it is like on a harder setting.
I just beat the game yesterday and I love the game, but found the end boss to be a little easy and the ending to be a little fast and short.

Nate said...

I finally beat that part but the game did escape from my clutches unscathed. See my review.