Monday, July 6, 2009

Game Diary: July 6, 2009: Firecrack This! Edition

For the past week or so I have been addicted to the multiplayer of Ghostbusters. It is the same bustin' action that the main campaign gives you but with friends (and you can play as the main cast). Alas, the levels are only scenarios pulled from the main game, assets and all, but it is still quite delightful in its simplicity. Perhaps this is how more companies need to do things when they develop a multiplayer portion to their game. If you do not know what exactly I am talking about let me enlighten you. Terminal Reality did not develop the multiplayer, Three Wave did. I think by devoting a team to doing multiplayer exclusively they were able to have a lag free multiplayer environment that extends the legs of the game as opposed to a game like The Darkness (random, I know, but it was the first decent game with this problem that came to mind) whose muliplayer ideas worked on paper but since they did not have proper QA (quality assurance) it ended up being unplayable because of the lag.

Other than that, I played some Scene It! BOS (Box Office Smash) with friends that visited over the weekend. Since my wife was not playing I actually won! My wife decimates me when we play and since I am such a bad sport about it she refuses to play with me.

That is about it for what I have been playing although I was on another podcast this past weekend and if you want to hear our thoughts on mail ladies, Project Natal, and what extends the legs of a game you should go listen to that here.

I am also installing Fable II to the hard drive as I finish up this post so be prepared to hear all about that.


Matthew said...

It's only fair that you win a game every once in awhile. That's why I couldn't answer that Shrek question :)

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