Friday, July 17, 2009

Xbox Live dashboard update details announced

One thing I realized after purchasing my Xbox 360 was that it was absolutely so much more than just a gaming console, it was essentially and entire entertainment system. The moment I jumped on Netflix and could watch Instant Watch through my TV without hooking up my laptop to it and the moment I realized I could watch video files from my desktop PC on my TV through it I was 100% sold.

These are the reasons I am so elated for the Xbox Live dashboard updates that will be hitting Xbox's across the nation later this summer. Some of the basic updates include the ability to browse the Netflix Instant Watch library through your 360 as well as an Avatar Marketplace. Now, that may sound silly to some, but I am oh so excited for the avatar marketplace. Any female that has created an avatar knows how absolutely horrific the selection in the current avatar clothing lineup is. White trash Sketchers? No thank you! Where are my Chuck Taylors?! The new Avatar Marketplace update will allow users to download premium items such as branded and Xbox related apparel. Another neat feature is the Movie Party that allows users to watch movies via Netflix with friends across the globe.

A full breakdown of all the dashboard updates can be found here.

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