Monday, August 17, 2009

WAIM: August 17, 2009 - Beyond Good & Evil Edition

Since my last WAIM (What Am I Playing) I have done nothing but play Beyond Good & Evil.

I broke out my original Xbox last Wednesday and popped in BG&E.

I suppose I do not want to talk about the game too much because I am planning another Retro Review around it. The game is great fun and I need to complete it before Shadow Complex comes out this Wednesday.

The experience of hooking up my original Xbox again was a trip to the past. It was so interesting to see the old "dashboard," if you could call it that, and I remember a time when I liked the sound of the old Xbox booting up more than the 360's boot up screen. Other than that I had to get used to the enormous Controller S which just feels awkward all around in one's hand. It is bulbous in all the wrong places and at this point I really cannot find the need for the memory card slots to be in the controller.

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